VRChat 2024.2.1

Live - 24 April 2024 - Build 1446

We are now on Unity version 2022.3.22f1! This is responsible for some of the fixes listed and may also provide a slight performance uplift. As usual, we recommend NOT updating your worlds and projects yet. We'll let you know when it's a good time to update!

The Big

Animated. Emoji. Yes, finally. No, this isn't late April Fools. VRC+ subscribers can now create animated emoji two ways:

  • Within VRChat using the camera! Set the Camera Mode to "Emoji", and then select either 4 or 16 frames to start creating animated emojis! (more on the new camera updates below)
  • On the website, under Gallery > Emoji. You can upload up to 64 frames or a sprite sheet!
  • Have fun with the new Loop Style selection and "Ping Pong" looping option for animated emoji.

With the addition of animated emojis, the camera has had a few changes:

  • There are now expandable Photo and Emoji buttons, which have new functions.
  • All cases that used the Quick Menu camera now uses the User Camera instead, such as:
    • Taking a photo to attach to a message.
    • Taking a new photo for the gallery.
    • Taking a new emoji photo.
  • The Timed (5s) button now allows the user to stop the countdown.
  • When the user uses the Timed (5s) button in Animated mode, the camera will repeatedly count down to take each photo until the animated texture sheet is filled (4 or 16 photos, depending on the Animated Emoji mode selected).

For Quest users, colors on various Meta headsets have been adjusted match our other platforms.

  • This might mean certain worlds will look less saturated but be more accurate.

The Medium

  • The Groups Instances panel has been adjusted:
    • The two sections of cells have been (re)named to Friend Locations and Group Member Locations.
    • A little more padding has been added to the bottom of the Groups Instances panel.
    • Fixed an issue where double-clicking on a group in the side-panel would cause the Groups Instances panel to break.
    • Fixed issue where friends leaving a Group Instance would cause the Groups Instances panel to break.
    • Fixed issue on the Groups Instances panel that reported friends occupying instances when they weren't there (spooky...)
  • Restored the # symbol to instance numbers within the UI. Octothorpe enthusiasts rejoice.
  • Clarified some of the wording around personal mirror masking settings, preferring the word Show instead of Mask.
  • Removed the old yellow VRChat Plus callout box from the Main Menu.
  • Removed the old avatar interaction info button from the Main Menu.
  • nimi lili ale li kama lili. ni li sama nasin sitelen pi toki pona.
    • (The language "toki pona" has been stylized with all lower-cased letters.)
  • On Quest and mobile, Pedestals no longer let you switch to incompatible avatars. (They'll display a red "X" when they can't be used, like portals do.)
  • Avatar-switch notifications will now display in the HUD if the menu is closed.
  • Improved dithering (film-grain/noise) in dark pictures taken with depth-of-field enabled.
  • Main Menu side-panels should now all have their header elements stay while scrolling.
    • Clicking on the side-panel headers (where the text and icon is) will scroll the side-panel back up to the top again.
  • World UI buttons will now highlight when hovered over in Desktop mode like they do in VR.
  • Prevented red "camera beams" from appearing in pictures or screenshots and improved their performance on mobile platforms.
  • HUD elements no longer appear in mirrors or camera pictures, even if UI layer is enabled.
  • Split up some text strings to make their translations more accurate.
  • Improved scaling for the main menu avatar preview, especially for Impostors.
  • Changing avatar via the website will now work in real time if you have the client open!
  • Reduced shader stutter when opening mirrors for the first time in worlds.
  • Legacy Text components (not TextMeshPro) are now limited to 16250 characters each to avoid a bug that scrambled text like your morning eggs.
    • Please upgrade to TextMeshPro or split them into multiple objects.
  • Safety & security updates.
  • Minor performance improvements on Quest.

The Fixed

  • Fixed the padding on Main Menu profile pages for Status & Trust Rank.
  • Fixed skewed head chop bones not appearing correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause UI elements to get highlighted at the bottom-left corner of the camera.
  • Fixed a bug that kept favorite world lists from updating properly if private or deleted worlds were present.
  • Fixed the friends list sometimes not updating a friend's status when they change it.
  • The VRChat splash screen logo will no longer shift position on the Vive XR Elite.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent videos from loading on Quest while logged into the device with a non-admin account.
  • Fixed an issue where avatars with certain characters (e.g. [ and ]) in their expression parameters would cause an avatar to fail to load.
  • Fixed a bug with Expression Parameters where parameters with underscores and parameters with spaces could cause have conflicts, causing unexpected OSC and avatar behavior.
  • Fixed an issue with the Send Invite feature that caused the popup to close after taking a photo if you accessed the user via Search.
  • Fixed lens flares appearing incorrectly when launching from the Oculus PC app.
  • Fixed custom controls drop-downs displaying incorrect selection when first opening the corresponding settings page.
  • Fixed several issues with Unity Terrain in older content.
  • Fixed Far Clip Plane incorrectly being clamped to lower values.
    • This will now only occur when a world uses baked occlusion culling.
  • Fixed avatars with over 256 expression parameters failing to load.
    • You can now have up to 8192 local/non-synced total expression parameters, while synced ones must still be below a cost of 256 as before.
  • Fixed a rare soft-lock when your internet connection died at just the right moment during world loading.
  • Fixed a bug where chatboxes could break and never fade in/out.
  • Fixed some Physbone regressions from last release:
    • World Immobile at 100% no longer introduces motion into a Physbone chain.
    • Enabling/Disabling a Physbone component no longer causes jitter/jerkyness.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting the "Random" timezone could prevent the Quick Menu from opening.
    • On some platforms the "Random" timezone will no longer be available if the OS doesn't expose a list to be retrieved.

Android Mobile

Added Focus View for mobile, which lets you tap to fill the camera view with world space canvases for easier interaction.

  • A couple of notes:
    • The feature is only active within an activation and deactivation distance that's based on the size of the canvas, set between 0.6-2m.
    • Deactivation distance is between 3-6m, depending on the size of the canvas.
    • A Focus View indicator is shown on your nameplate while active, similar to earmuffs.
    • Your avatar will stay in place while in Focus View.
    • You can zoom and pan around while in Focus View and panning should stop at the bounds of the canvas.
    • Supports landscape and portrait!
    • You'll still be able to tap to open keyboard inputs.
    • Focus View support can be toggled in Main Menu controls.
    • You can not enter Focus View when using any input method other than touch, and Focus View will exit if the input method changes away from touch
    • Local and remote avatars will not be rendered.
    • You won't be able to pan/zoom when interacting with a selectable object/scroll.
  • And for creators looking to add Focus View to their mobile worlds:

    Other mobile changes:

  • Minor visual changes and bug fixes for mobile notifications.
  • Redesigned the mobile dot dot dot aka "..." world and user menus.
  • It's now possible to report worlds, groups, and other users from Android. You can report from:
    • World > "…" button > Report World
    • Group > "…" button > Report Group
    • User Profile > "…" button > Report User
    • Notification > Friend Request > "…" button > Report User
  • Improved interactable highlighting on mobile.
    • We've also disabled the large trigger collider used for interactable detection on platforms that don't require it (aka all platforms except mobile).