VRChat 2022.2.2p2

Release - 5 August 2022 - Build 1218


Most features implemented in this patch are accessed through the Quick Menu's "Gear" tab (on the far right) unless otherwise noted.

Fixes, Changes, and Improvements

  • Implemented Horizon Adjust!
    • This feature allows you to lay on a bed or the ground IRL, click "set horizon", and the VRChat world will be rotated around you such that you're standing up!
    • There is a warning about potentially causing motion sickness in this mode that you must confirm. Please be careful!
    • There are some additional options available that allow you to tune the behavior of this feature
  • Implemented Personal Mirror!
    • This feature allows you to spawn a local-only mirror!
    • You can spawn the mirror from the Action Menu, under Options
    • You can move it around, resize it, adjust its opacity, and more
    • We're still working on this feature internally and plan on improving it even more in the next patch!
  • Added the ability to move the Main Menu!
    • After opening the Main menu, hover around beneath the menu to find the handle
    • Grab on with the Grip button
    • You can find an option in the Quick Menu to change where the Main Menu opens up-- either directly in front of you, or in the old orientation
  • Added option to set the instance type of the user's Home world to any instance type
    • You can use this to set your Home instance to Invite (the default), Invite+, Friends, Friends+, or even Public
    • All choices except Public will create a new instance. Public will try to put you into an existing Public instance first
  • Implemented "Portal Prompt", which will require a click or trigger pull before going through a portal
    • Option is available in the Quick Menu
  • Added an option to go back to the Default home when clicking on Go Home
  • Moved camera screenshots off-thread, greatly reducing frame lag when taking screenshots
  • Added an option to auto-disable cloning when entering a world
  • Added an option to see icons on the HUD that indicate your current hand gestures
    • Currently only available in VR mode
  • Added an option in to enable or disable the particle limiter
  • Improved movement while headset look vector was close to Y-axis poles
  • Fixed issue where reinstalling VRChat could fail
  • Fixed issue where launch links from website weren't working correctly
  • Fixed an issue where trying to join a full instance would cause a loading loop. This may still occur in very rare cases

Known Issues

  • MM can only be moved by the hand that has most recently pulled the trigger
  • Looking straight down with MM placement can put the MM upside down
  • Grabbing the personal mirror on Quest can sometimes turn the entire screen blue
  • If you have the particle limiter enabled in config.json, it limits your own local avatar incorrectly