VRChat 2023.1.1

Release - 2 February 2023 - Build 1277

If you'd prefer video instead of a big wall of text, check out our Video Patchnotes!



  • Multi-Layer camera mode!
    • When you take pictures in this mode, you'll get multiple images for each Mask layer you have enabled
    • For example, you could split out your picture into local player, remote player, UI, and environment
    • You can re-combine these layers in image editing software afterward
    • Applicable layers are saved with alpha transparency (Local player/remote player, UI)
  • Grab-To-Adjust FBT calibration!
    • This option allows you to fine-tune your tracker calibration by directly grabbing and moving your tracked points
    • Turn on the option in the Gear Tab of your Quick Menu
    • Spheres will appear where each of your trackers are calibrated to be located
    • Grab one with your trigger and move it! Let go to reposition the tracker
    • Open your Quick Menu to exit the configuration mode
  • Audio sliders are now logarithmic instead of linear, which more closely models how you perceive volume
    • VRChat is now totally quiet at 0% Master volume
    • Setting any slider to 50% will now make it sound 50% as loud
    • However, this change means that values from 1% to 99% will sound louder than before
    • Check out this very cool and good Dev Update video to see a demonstration
    • Adjusted VRChat’s default audio settings to compensate – they’ll sound as loud as they always have!
    • Due to these changes, we will reset everyone’s audio settings to default. We’ll notify users via a loading screen pop-up so nobody’s caught off guard


  • World and user search filters and sorting have been improved, are now persistent, and the search flow has been improved
    • If you input custom search filters and execute the search, we now stash away those search parameters
    • While the Main Menu is still open, we override ALL subsequent searches, including canned searches, with those custom filters and indicate this fact using the golden text on the “Search Refined” button
    • Once the Main Menu is closed, the custom search filters will clear and return to their defaults
    • Several other usability improvements have been made to the search UI. Give it a shot!
  • Lots of improvements to Quest Finger Tracking!
    • Added Gesture Lock: Hold your left thumb and pinky together to disable all finger tracking gestures except for the quick menu, which should help prevent accidental gesture activation when using sign language
    • Added Jump Toggle: You can now turn off the jump gesture completely in the Accessibility settings.
    • Added Cancel Gesture: Tapping your thumb and pinky will close most prompts and menus.
    • Implemented new pickup modes in Accessibility options:
      • Pinch - Pinch your thumb and index finger together to interact with pickups (old default)
      • Fist - Make a fist with your hand to interact with pickups
      • Both - Use either gesture to interact with pickups
    • Hands now hold their previous position if tracking is temporarily lost
    • Grabbed items are no longer dropped if tracking is lost
    • Improved orientation of grabbed objects
    • Improved orientation of portal placement arc
  • Public group galleries can now be seen without needing to join a group
  • Avatar stats in QM has a better layout, and the VRAM stat is shown closer to the top
  • More menu pages will now retain their scroll positions
  • Hovering over worlds in the main menu will show their description as a tooltip
  • HUD elements (notifications, gestures, mic icon, ...) no longer overlap with themselves or the main menu in Desktop mode
  • Group instances above soft-cap can now be joined
  • Performance improvements around world loading


  • Fixed vote kick notifications not coming through
  • Fixed performance drop when blocked users are in the same instance
  • Fixed wrong microphone being used when starting in VR, differing from what UI shows
  • Fixed broken scrolling on camera UI in VR (allows easily selecting Focus option again!)
  • Fixed a bug where avatars sometimes initialize with incorrect playable parameter values (fewer wardrobe malfunctions!)
  • Fixed locomotion UI in VRChat Tutorial world not working
  • Fixed favorite avatar button not always being selectable when it should
  • Fixed order of groups not being consistent between UI elements
  • Fixed group banner opacity on nameplates using the wrong value
  • Fixed avatar audio sliders being visible on Quest, which doesn't have avatar sounds
  • As a result of the previous fix, we also fixed an issue allowing avatar audio on some Quest avatars
  • Fixed PC-only avatars incorrectly showing as "compatible" on Quest
  • Fixed detection of cloth component vertices for avatar ratings
  • Fixed "UI" toggle on camera not applying to chat bubbles
  • Fixed issues with favorite lists not updating correctly when switching user accounts
  • Fixed rare issue that would prevent switching into certain avatars saying you are already wearing them
  • Fixed menu opening upside-down when starting the game while the headset is upside-down (déjà vu anyone?)
  • Fixed instance owner icon in menu showing incorrectly after switching user accounts
  • Added more foldouts to some settings menus that were missing them
  • Fixed world and group wings not updating selected lists properly
  • Fixed rare issue leading to softlocks in worlds without a scene descriptor
  • Fixed broken leftover text on search keyboard, and search not working after switching menu tabs
  • Various fixes and improvements to Groups UI
  • Various menu styling fixes and adjustments
  • Safety and Security improvements

Known Issues

  • In SDK2, in Murder2, we ran into an issue where some players could only kill players who join after them. This potentially affected all late joiners. This issue may not be addressed, since SDK2 is deprecated and in End of Life status