VRChat 2023.1.2p1

Release - 10 March 2023 - Build 1287



  • Fixed avatar parameters not saving
  • Fixed global shader property _AudioTexture not being whitelisted correctly. This will fix AudioLink!
  • Fixed avatar parameter default values specified in an Animator not being respected if a ParameterDriver is trying to write to it. This fixes issues with some common prefabs like GogoLoco.

Known Issues

We plan to address these issues with patches in the coming week.

  • In a few worlds (but not all), we've observed Udon sync breakages if both PC and Quest users are in an instance
  • Avatar ParameterDriver State Behaviours don't work in the "sitting" layer animator, or in station animators.
  • Exiting a station causes the lower body IK for SDK3 avatars to bug out.