VRChat 2023.1.2

Release - 9 March 2023 - Build 1286

Here's the Video Patchnotes for this version!



  • Avatar texture memory usage is now considered a ranked performance stat and will affect your avatar's performance rank. An upcoming SDK update will reflect this in the editor.
    • The Performance Ranks documentation has been updated accordingly
    • PC:
      • Excellent: 40MB or less
      • Good: 75MB or less
      • Medium: 110MB or less
      • Poor: 150MB or less
      • Very Poor: Above 150MB
    • Quest:
      • Excellent: 10MB or less
      • Good: 18MB or less
      • Medium: 25MB or less
      • Poor: 40MB or less
      • Very Poor: Above 40MB
    • If you are curious about more details regarding these numbers, how we arrived at them, and how many avatars this will affect, check out our Dev Update from 16 February
  • Completely overhauled internal handling of portals!
    • This should provide much better stability and security to portals, preventing many cases of portals disappearing or desyncing between instance members
    • In some circumstances, it may be possible for a portal to be dropped too close to you. In this case, the portal will be surrounded by an orange overlay and you won't be able to interact with it until you move away first
      • Previously this would have made the portal disappear for everyone, or worse, desync
      • You are still prevented locally from dropping a portal too close to someone
  • Friends+ portals now default to unlocked
  • Earmuffs range can now take the shape of a cone, allowing you to focus on conversations in front of you
    • You can adjust the size and shape of this cone with earmuff settings
    • We've been calling this "cozy earmuffs" mode
  • Nameplates will show an icon when a player has earmuffs enabled
  • Avatar "Hide by Distance" and "Hide by Count" visual aid and toggle
    • Adjusting distances will now show a visual aid similar to earmuffs
    • Sliders now have a toggle to turn their effect on or off without adjusting the value, similar to "mute" on audio sliders
  • PhysBones have been adjusted to use and maintain the initial hand-to-bone offset as your "grab position" instead of a fixed relative position per bone
    • An upcoming SDK update will add in a toggle that will allow you to turn this behavior off per component
    • This means that grabbed PhysBones won't move or "snap" when you initially grab. They will only move when you move the grabbing hand
  • Added a Report User option to report users for using a modified client or "hacking". You can find this under "Report User -> Behavior".
    • Reporting people using modified clients in this way is very helpful to our Trust and Safety and Security teams! Thank you for your reports!
  • Improved internal handling and performance of nameplates
    • Includes minor offset fixes to group banners and blue voice rings around user icons
    • This is not a fix to the alignment issues you have to deal with when making Group banners. We know about that issue, and will work on improving that going forward
  • The action menu size and opacity can now be set by percentage with a radial control instead of fixed steps
    • Scaling will be reset to medium when initially launching this build (and switching between live and beta)
  • You can now take pictures with the stream camera!
  • Added constraints as a non-ranked avatar performance stat with a recommended maximum of 15 constraints of any type
  • Greatly improved Udon loading performance while entering worlds
  • Improved internal handling and future-proofing of avatar parameters


  • VRCat now speaks in the past tense about the early supporter badge. Thanks for your support!
  • Fixed camera display staying white when closing immediately after taking a photo
  • Fixed PhysBones jittering with "isAnimated" enabled in some situations
  • Fixed nameplates not showing up in pictures taken via the "Screenshot" option in the Quick Menu
  • Fixed "Clear Local Profile Data" not correctly resetting some options
  • Fixed tunneling and holoport options breaking when using "Clear Local Profile Data", and potentially not saving between client restart
  • Desktop users can select tunneling options in Comfort menu again
  • Fixed some issues with user locations not showing up in correct instances
    • We know there's still some issues here, we're working on more fixes related to issue!
  • Fixed desktop movement getting stuck after closing camera with Escape key
  • Fixed PhysBone colliders on fingers not respecting custom capsule heights
  • Fixed thumbstick scrolling in one-handed mode
  • Fixed multi-layer camera not being accessible for non-VRC+ subscribers
  • Fixed an issue that could cause crashes when disconnecting multiple audio devices at once
  • Fixed last valid portal placement marker getting stuck in place when looking at invalid surfaces
  • Fixed portal placement in situations with no surface available at all blocking user input
  • Fixed shuffle button in "Random" worlds menu not working
  • Fixed issues with icon camera and newly taken user icons failing to render in menu
  • Fixed text fields across the UI erroneously having rich-text enabled
    • The action menu specifically remains exempt from this restriction
  • Fixed images in groups tab not having proper loading placeholders
  • Fixed various issues with group visibility and representation settings not updating correctly
  • The default "search by" parameters for worlds now include Tags
  • Various smaller UI fixes
  • Various smaller groups fixes
  • Safety and Security improvements


  • Added "VelocityMagnitude" avatar parameter, similar to the existing VelocityX/Y/Z ones but gives total magnitude of velocity