VRChat 2022.1.1

Release - 24 February 2022 - Build 1169



  • OSC API for Avatars!
    • You can now set up Open Sound Control to change parameters on your avatar and read parameters from your avatar-- both input and output!
    • You can use this to implement your own eye tracking, face tracking, make changes to your avatars based on external inputs, and more!
    • This is a pretty technical subject! Check out our blog post to read more and see some examples.
    • You can also check out our documentation here for more details on how to use this system: OSC Avatar Parameters
    • We've also added a debug menu for OSC to help with development!
    • OSC API for Avatars is is available for VRChat on both PC and Quest! You'll just need to point your OSC application at your Quest's IP using the default ports.
  • OSC API for Input!
    • You can also use the same system to provide input into VRChat! Many of our controls are mapped to OSC channels
    • You can use this to map your own controllers, peripherals, and more!
    • More details are provided in the OSC as Input Controller docs and blog
    • OSC API for Input is also available for VRChat on both PC and Quest!
  • Added a "tunneling" VR movement comfort feature that optionally adds a vignette effect during movement
    • Has "Light" and "Strong" settings, adjustable in the Quick Menu

Changes, Improvements, and Fixes

  • Added the Voice parameter for usage on avatars! This parameter is the avatar wearer's microphone amplitude in a float value from 0.0 to 1.0
  • Added a "View Profile" button to friend request notifications
  • Fixed an issue where the Upper Chest bone was not being networked properly, which could cause desynced poses when it was mapped (especially for full body users)
  • Fixed an issue where some friends would be stuck "Online" after they'd logged off
  • Greatly reduced spurious logging to the output log to improve performance. Re-enable these logs (and some new ones) by using the new --enable-verbose-logging launch option
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Added the --enable-avpro-in-proton launch option, which will allow Proton users to re-enable AVPro for video playback. This may cause crashes!
  • Fixed an issue where closing the Stream camera would open the Photo camera
  • Fixed an issue where the VRChat UI could react when the mouse cursor was not over the window
  • A variety of fixes to address application crashes in certain circumstances
  • Various internal networking adjustments and updates

Notes for Creators

Here's some useful links to participate in the OSC development community! Since this is a pretty developer-centric feature (at least, at first), we're going to handle these slightly differently.
Discussions: https://github.com/vrchat-community/osc/discussions
Bugs & Feature Requests: https://github.com/vrchat-community/osc/issues
Milestones: https://github.com/vrchat-community/osc/milestones



  • Added VRCPlayerAPI.Respawn node with optional spawn index

Changes, Improvements, and Fixes

  • Udon synced objects are now less likely to rubber-band when transferring ownership



  • Allow other tools to define methods for SendCustomNetworkEvent, SetKinematic, and SetGravity for use in the Editor