Gesture Toggle

Gesture Toggle is an option available in the Action Menu. You can also set it as a custom action in SteamVR's controller binding interface.

It is on by default. When you have Gesture Toggle enabled, VRChat will attempt to match your current finger pose against the standard VRChat hand poses.

Avatars 2.0

When enabled, any applied Gesture Overrides will play. On Valve Index Controllers, your hand pose will not change even if you've defined an override for your hand position.

When you have Gesture Toggle disabled, VRChat will not attempt to gesture-match.

If you disable Gesture Toggle while holding a Gesture Override, that Override will continue animating until you enable Gesture Toggle once again.

Avatars 3.0

When enabled, your Gesture Animator Parameters will update as normal.

When disabled, your Gesture Animator Parameters will stay "stuck" at the value you had when you disabled Gesture Toggle, no matter what inputs you provide.