VRChat 2022.2.2p3

Live Beta - 12 August 2022 - Build 1222


Most features implemented in this patch are accessed through the Quick Menu's "Gear" tab (on the far right) unless otherwise noted.

These notes are a rough draft and are not complete.

Fixes, Changes, and Improvements

  • Text Chatbox! A text chatbox that appears over your head, where you can type messages at each other
    • Access it via your Action Menu, under Options
    • You can send chat via the keyboard, or clear the chatbox
    • You will see chat boxes over other people's heads with text they're sending
    • You can change the Text Chatbox settings in the Quick Menu
      • By default, you will only see chatboxes from your friends. You can turn it on for everyone, or only show your own
      • You can change the display duration from 2 seconds up to 60 seconds
      • You can adjust the size from 50% to 150%
      • You can adjust opacity from 25% to 100%
    • There are two OSC endpoints to send chat via the chat textbox:
      • /chatbox/input s b Input text into the chatbox. If b is True, send the text in s immediately, bypassing the keyboard. If b is False, open the keyboard and populate it with the provided text.
      • /chatbox/typing b Toggle the typing indicator on or off.
      • Right now the chatbox's OSC input endpoint only supports ASCII characters. It will support UTF-8 later. The chatbox itself supports UTF right now.
    • More features on the way with future iteration
  • More favorites!
    • Friends: 3 lists * 150 favorites = 450 favorites (2.3x increase)
    • Worlds: 4 lists * 100 favorites = 400 favorites (1.56x increase)
    • Avatars:
      • Without VRC+: 1 list * 50 favorites = 50 favorites (2x increase)
      • With VRC+: Avatars: 6 lists * 50 favorites = 300 favorites (3x increase)
  • Earmuff Mode!
    • This feature turns voice down of people that are a configured distance from you, "muffling" them
    • Find it in the Audio tab of the QM, below the microphone settings
    • You can also optionally apply this to avatar audio sources
    • A UI appears when you adjust these settings to visualize the distances
    • You can configure three values:
      • Distance - Anyone outside this distance has their volume turned down
      • Outside Volume - Anyone outside your Distance has their volume turned down to this value
      • Falloff - As people get farther from you, if they're in the falloff range (distance+falloff), their volume is turned down proportionally from 100% (inside the red circle) to the Outside Volume value (outside the gray falloff circle)
    • A banner appears above your Quick Menu when this feature is active to remind you
    • Try out different settings-- we like setting Outside Volume to something between 20 and 50% for crowded worlds, then adjusting the Distance and Falloff as you see fit
    • World Authors: This volume adjustment applies "on top of" Udon adjustments to voice. In other words, volume is first adjusted by Udon functions, then Earmuffs (if active), then user volume, then it is output to speakers.
  • Avatar Distance Hider!
    • In the QM, Gear Menu, under Performance at the bottom
    • The top slider hides avatars beyond a certain distance from you, replacing them with a ghostly placeholder
    • Bottom slider does the same thing, but by count instead of distance, so you can say "only show me the closest 5 avatars" or etc
    • You can toggle on "Always Show Friend Avatars" as well as "Always Override with 'Show Avatar'". Friends is self-explanatory, but "Show Avatar" refers to the explicit "Show Avatar" button you see when you click on people
    • This is v1 and may have some issues, especially with avatars that use Write Defaults, or have "intermediary" steps in their animators that may not be reachable given certain configurations. See known issues
  • Desktop Camera! You can spawn the VRChat camera in Desktop mode from the camera tab
    • You can detatch the lens and fly it around! Oh wait this is drone mode, isn't it
    • The "drone" has a distance limit it can't exceed of 15m
    • It can noclip through walls but it will have collision later
    • We're also going to add drone functionality to VR later
  • Microphone sensitivity and denoiser!
    • You can adjust how sensitive your microphone is!
    • You can also turn on a denoiser to remove background noise (tech detail: it's a Rust implementation of rnnoise)
  • Copy and Paste Buttons on Keyboard!
    • Right side is paste, left is copy
    • The keyboard appears when you click in text input fields in worlds
  • Camera Near Clip Override!
    • Adjust camera near clip!! Bottom of the QM Gear tab
    • X is off, uses world settings
    • Dynamic (second option) tries to shorten it as much as possible (minimum of 0.001m) without breaking worlds. Resets at the end of each session
    • Forced ignores the danger of breaking worlds and shortens it to 1mm no matter what. Resets on world change, has a warning
  • More Personal Mirror features!
    • New "Immersive Grab" mode, works a bit like VR overlay software. Works in desktop too, use your mousewheel for moving and scaling
    • Added radial control for opacity
    • Changed scaling to a two-axis puppet menu
    • Added face mirror
  • Slider snapping allows you to to make sliders in the VRChat UI "snap" to whole values, making it easier to hit 100% on the volume slider
  • Hide Avatar Globally!
    • Click on someone using an avatar you don't like and click "Hide Avatar Globally"
    • Now, that avatar will never be shown, no matter who's wearing it
    • The only way to override this is to use "Show Avatar" on that person
  • Added in an optional confirmation for the Calibrate button so you don't accidentally hit it
  • Added a resolution selector to the camera
  • When pictures are taken with the camera held in portrait orientation, they're saved in portrait orientation
  • Added percentage readouts to the quick menu audio volume sliders
  • Fixed an annoying bug with text input where you select all the text every time you type

Known Issues

  • Earmuffs:
    • always show earmuff mode visual aid sometimes shows the visual aid visible off in the distance
    • Changing outside volume does not engage earmuff mode. Changing the other two sliders DOES engage the mode
  • Personal Mirror: With grabbable enabled, if you input grab while not pointing at the mirror, then rotate to be pointing at the mirror, the mirror is picked up and dragged with the hand. This should instead only check for when the button is pressed, which would in this case require you to release the grip and the press it again when directed at the mirror in order to pick it up
  • In well lit worlds the avatar distance hide proxy avatar is transparent to the point of almost being invisible (see: Black Cat). Works well in unlit or dimly lit words
  • Avatar Distance Hider turns off animators, which may cause some issues as discussed in our developer updates. We're researching solutions, but wanted to let people try this feature out
  • Adjusting Near Clip can mess with your menu, causes a jittering mouse effect in certain worlds.
  • Build and Test is broken but this affects p2 as well, so eh
  • When using keyboard, buttons remain grey as if still selected
  • With earmuffs on and avatar hiding, sometimes the nameplate says "unknown" in the nameplate


Features, Changes, Fixes, and Improvements

  • Fixed: user-supplied masks on the FX layer were ignored, and prevented Gesture transform animations from working. Docs updated: https://docs.vrchat.com/docs/playable-layers#fx
  • All input fields will pop up the keyboard, and we've added a component that'll disable that feature if you don't want it on a field
  • Added in the ability to customize mirror skyboxes and clear flags
  • Added several new Udon nodes related to graphics and shader manipulation:
    • VRCGraphics.DrawMeshInstanced
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalFloat
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalFloatArray
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalVector
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalVectorArray
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalMatrix
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalMatrixArray
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalInteger
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalTexture
    • VRCShader.SetGlobalColor
  • You can now set gravity in a world to 0 or negative values

Known Issues

  • Despite the addition of the ability to mark an input field to not pop up the VRChat keyboard when interacted with, it... doesn't work yet. Maybe? I saw someone say it worked. šŸ˜µ
  • You can only set global shader properties once

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