VRChat 2023.4.1p1

Release - 1 November 2023 - Build 1374


  • We've added simplified Chinese as an available language!

Fixes and Improvements

  • Quest will no longer load additional avatars if doing so would make the device run out of memory.
    • Instead, these avatars will be stuck as the loading avatar with their progress bar saying 'Memory Low' until your system clears enough RAM to safely load them.
    • You can hide already loaded avatars to free up memory, or adjust your safety settings to block heavier ones.
    • Quest users should see far fewer hitches and slowdowns when loading into populated instances where the system would previously become memory-constrained.
    • This should also make "kick to home" events, where your system forces you back to your home world because your device ran out of memory, far less frequent.
  • Fixed an issue when playing VRChat during a daylight savings transition.
  • Restored Udon world button mapping on Quest for A/B and X/Y to what it was on Unity 2019.
  • Fixed video players sometimes being too dark when using --disable-hw-video-decode.
    • --disable-hw-video-decode mode is now enabled by default when running an AMD GPU to work around driver bugs. You can use --enable-hw-video-decode to force it back on.
    • Additionally ensure the client properly detects if it is running on Valve Proton and use hw-decode mode there. This should improve the chance of AVPro working as expected on Linux and Steam Deck.
  • Fix rare crashes with certain avatar particle setups.
  • Particle system "Shape Rotation" parameter no longer resets to (0,0,0) on load.
  • Further memory improvements!