VRChat 2022.3.1p2

Live - 18 October 2022 - Build 1249


VRChat Creator Companion Migration Warning

We're planning to distribute all SDK updates solely via the VRChat Creator Companion starting in 2023.

Please migrate your projects to VCC soon.

Learn how to migrate your project to use the VCC by clicking here.




  • Main menu and Quick menu can now have separate wings
    • Uncheck "Wing Persistence" in "User Interface" settings to enable


  • Re-added mouse sensitivity & invert controls to Input menu
  • Various performance improvements
    Reduced stutter when switching to VRCat's Variety Box tab
    Removed performance overhead of having "Pin FPS and ping" enabled


  • Fixed camera focus
  • Fixed menu breaking if a page is left open for longer than 5 minutes
  • Fixed crash with some user-uploaded gallery images
  • Fixed an issue where long saved search texts would appear broken
  • Fixed camera modes used for VRC+ being selectable even if you didn't have VRC+ (invite image, icon)
  • Removed avatar haptic settings on Quest (the feature isn't available on Quest, but the settings were still visible)

Udon Node Graph


Features and Improvements

  • Udon Node Graph: Added lots of hotkeys!
    • Press and hold one of the following keys, then click anywhere on the graph to create the corresponding node:
      • 1 : float
      • 2 : Vector2
      • 3 : Vector3
      • 4 : Vector4
      • b : Branch
      • + : float addition
      • - : float subtraction
      • = : float equality comparison
      • Shift+B : Block
    • Press and hold C, then click on a constant to convert it into a variable
      • You can also do this by right clicking the constant
    • Ctrl+G for quick grouping
    • L+Click logs the value of the selected node
    • Shift+A for aligning nodes
    • Press and hold Shift+F, then click on a node that outputs an array type, to generate a ForEach loop automatically
    • Most of the above are also available via the right-click menu
  • Added a new topbar that shows the currently open graph, and opens new "tabs" to it when you open more graphs
    • You can close each tab with the X button
  • Events/Groups entries are clickable in the sidebar for fast navigation
  • Added search bar at the top which allows you to search through your active graph
    • Press Ctrl+F to move focus to the searchbar
    • Search activates after entering at least 3 letters
    • Pressing Enter while having multiple search results will jump between them
  • There is a new "Highlight flow" toggle on the topbar, which, when enabled, will highlight the nodes connected via the flow edges
    Use this to quickly see how does the program arrive to the particular node
    If the node doesn't have any flow connections - nothing will happen


  • Changes video link in UdonSyncPlayer example to point to new location