VRChat 2021.3.3

Release - 18 August 2021 - Build 1128

With this update, we're enabling the people using VRChat on Oculus Quest to become VRChat Plus supporters directly through the Oculus platform.

You can read all about VRChat Plus on our website (https://hello.vrchat.com/vrchatplus) but some of the features you can look forward to by supporting VRChat include:

  • Nameplate Icon
  • Photo Invites
  • 100 Favorite Slots
  • Early Supporter Badge
  • Increased Trust
  • Profile Pictures
  • Image Gallery

... and much more to come!


  • Implemented VRChat Plus purchases on Oculus Quest
    • Subscriptions are not currently supported on the Oculus Rift Store. When they are, VRChat will add support for them. For now, you’re able to subscribe through the Quest store or through Steam.
  • Fixed the 'Other' avatar row not appearing in some cases