VRChat 2024.1.2p1

Live - 3 April 2024 - Build 1436

Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed a bug where emoji wouldn't load or save in client if they used the "Snow" animation.
  • Custom control bindings are configurable again in the Main Menu.
  • Optimized specific cases of large numbers of disabled Renderer components under shared synced UdonBehaviour.
  • Shutter noise of the local camera is spatialized correctly again.
  • Fixed CAPTCHA popup not working as expected and soft-locking the game.
  • Fixed avatars with custom head chopping briefly showing oversized bones when coming into view of a mirror or custom camera.
  • Fixed microphone auto-toggle during world change causing the mute/unmute noise to play unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a variety of soft-locking issues with world loading, especially when used in combination with preloading and the Go Home button.
  • The Go Home button on the loading screen now shows Go to Default Home again when already traveling to your current home world.