VRChat 2024.2.2

Live - 22 May 2024 - Build 1456


Don't like to read? Watch.

New Features

  • Localization has been enabled for the VRChat UI!
    • To change your UI language, go Main Menu settings > User Interface > Preferred Language.
    • The options you can currently choose are: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), toki pona, and Russian, with more to come in the future!
  • Added report buttons to the Main Menu and Quick Menu.
    • These report buttons will take you to the all-new reporting page, where you can start a report for any users, avatars, or represented groups in your current instance. You can also easily report the world you are in.
    • We also added a page to view all your submitted reports that you can access through this new reporting page.
    • You can still report users, avatars, groups, and worlds through their respective pages.
  • Portals are now selectable!
    • Open the Quick Menu, then hover over the portal to select it. When selected, the portals target instance will open up in the Main Menu.

Updates & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would cause stuttering on certain AMD GPU systems.
    • Thank you to everyone that helped test around this bug via the a-test beta branch! If you are currently relying on a-test, you should be safe to switch to this build now.
  • You'll now receive invites from yourself (e.g. from the VRChat website) even while on "Do not Disturb".
  • Uploading/deleting an avatar or world is now immediately reflected in the appropriate VRChat menu.
  • The Main Menu Graphics Settings page has been adjusted for clarity.
    • There is now a "Basic" and "Advanced" section.
    • You may notice some slightly different names or positions for each of the graphics settings, but they're all still there!
    • Removed the "Display and Visual Adjustment" section, which was already found within the Accessibility settings page.
  • Fixed issue where a radio option would have no text in the Change Microphone menu.
  • The Friend Request buttons within the Main Menu and Quick Menu user details page will now read "Accept Request" when there is a pending incoming friend request from another user.
  • Fixed default color themes unreadability issue in the Safety Menu and other places.
  • Offline testing avatars will now show the detected bounds used to scale them in the preview.
    • This is intended to help creators troubleshoot when avatars appear smaller than expected.
  • Fix issue where photo camera UI is not selectable if avatar is scaled too small on PC.
  • Default user profile icon text no longer renders on the top layer of all UIs.
  • Adjusted the loading screen to reduce sort-order conflicts with in-world UIs.
  • Fix bug where login screen would not be visible in certain circumstances.
  • Main Menu World Details page's "Published" date now matches the published date on the website.
    • The "Published" and "Updated" dates on the worlds detail page now localize their date formatting to match your client language.
  • Text adjustment on AM tooltip when opening it from Expressions wing menu.
  • Fixed Face Mirror controls breaking upon re-login.
  • The Friend Request button in the Quick Menu "Here" tab will now properly show a green icon when an incoming friend request is pending from another user.
  • Fixed length in some texts in queue notifications.
  • The Holoport Movement preview properly appears from the hand initiating the movement.
  • Gamepad controls joysticks now show correct name in settings.
  • Tooltips in all types of invites and invite responses fixed.
  • Fixed issue with groups panel info page images occasionally failing to load.
  • Fixed a few bugs that could cause the social menu to...uh... misrepresent your friends' location.
  • Improved Impostor rendering in secondary cameras.
  • Fix issue where videos in the Help menu would occasionally fail to play.
  • Fixed some broken header elements on the Main Menu VRChat+ page for users that weren't subscribed to the service.
  • Udon input APIs will no longer report any inputs as active while a VRChat menu or text input field is open.
    • This includes the UnityEngine scoped APIs.
  • Prevent worlds uploaded using Unity 5.4 or earlier from loading.
    • These were almost universally broken at this point and our official minimum version has been 5.5 for a while, but the enforcement was broken.