VRChat 2021.1.4

Release - 10 March 2021 - Build 1061


Changes, Improvements, and Fixes

  • Made changes that should reduce the number of logins required when using 2FA in both the client and the SDK
  • Made changes that should reduce voice issues that occur specifically in very high population instances of worlds that use large amounts of sync bandwidth
  • Various improvements to internal UI systems
  • Adjustment to the "Grounded" layer calculation
  • Reduced pano capture noise volume
  • Pickups with pickupable disabled will no longer block the interact laser
  • Misc improvements to the way favorites are loaded
  • Safety and security fixes



  • Udon Midi Support! Read more here: Midi in Udon
  • New Event-Based Input System! Read more here: Udon Input Events. Here's how much simpler handling input is now:

All the noodles on the left handle getting input for a jump. Then again, so does the economical bowl on the right!

Changes, Improvements, and Fixes

  • Udon Support for AnimationCurves and Gradients
  • Udon OnRespawn Event
  • Udon Graph: performance improvement for Groups
  • Udon Graph Search: new subcategories for less-used items
  • Udon now has static Array methods: Copy, Clear, Reverse, BinarySearch and more

SDK / Library Updates

  • The client's version of Post Processing has been updated to 3.0.3.
  • The client's version of AVProVideo has been updated to 2.0.7 Enterprise.*
  • The client's version of ONSP has been updated to the latest version.

*Note: Existing worlds that use AVPro directly (as in, AVPro was imported into the world project to add components) will break with this update. These worlds will need to be reuploaded with the updated version of AVPro.

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