VRChat 2022.4.1p2

Release - 10 November 2022 - Build 1260



  • You can now rename your avatar favorite lists directly in-game!
  • Add wrist and knee angle sliders to IK settings!
    • These sliders let you offset your wrist and knee angles, allowing for some fine adjustment of how your IK behaves
    • Adjusting the wrist angle might help users who don't like the angle that the hand is anchored to with Index controllers, for example
    • Adjusting the knee angle can help out when your own stance isn't reflected by your avatar very well
    • Find these in the IK settings tab in the main menu


  • Disable some keybinds while entering text into a world-placed InputField to avoid accidentally turning things on when typing
  • Moved calibration range and arm ratio values to IK settings (they were previously launch options)
  • World "Playlists", User "Groups" and Avatar "Favorites" are now all called "Favorite Lists" respectively, to avoid confusion
  • Allow gestures on desktop when camera/menu open ("left/right shift + F-keys" as usual)
  • Personal mirror can now be toggled in the handheld camera with the "UI" toggle and will no longer show up in world mirrors
  • Added more profile link icons to show off your socials (list of new ones here)


  • Fixed action menu resetting to default page when opening quick menu
  • Fix remote users sinking into the ground while switching avatars
  • Fix inactive menu pages still having interaction
    • Colloquially known as the "I clicked on an avatar in my menu and it brought me to a world" issue
  • Fix blocked users sometimes appearing incorrectly (or not at all) in the menu
  • Fix "Make Home" world button, allow resetting to default on current homeworld
  • Various fixes to purchasing VRC+ on Meta Quest devices
  • Fix flickering buttons in "Tools" radial menu
  • Fixed blocking friends appearing wrong in the menu (but... why are you blocking your friends...)
  • Fixed setting "no download limit" on Quest incorrectly blocking all avatars
  • VRCat is back in their spaceship on the VRC+ page (why do they keep escaping?! CLOSE THE DOOR, DANG IT)
  • Fix uploaded worlds missing for some players
  • Fix "Show Avatar Author" button not always working
  • Fix "clear" button when setting a new custom status
  • Fix avatar wing sorting by "name" not working
  • Add more tooltips around the new UI
  • Lots of general menu improvements, rewording, layout fixes, etc.

Known Issues

  • Viewing avatar author the first time goes to the Launch Pad instead of the avatar details, further attempts work normally



  • A playerapi variable named "player" will no longer become invalid when any player leaves
  • Unexposed some unnecessary static methods from VRCGraphics (Equals, GetHashCode, GetType, ToString)