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Tools and Projects for OSC Development and Use


It is INHERENTLY DANGEROUS to run code that someone else has written. Most of the projects below are open-source so you can verify that they are safe to use. If possible, read through the code and compile it yourself instead of using compiled binaries (exe files, etc).


If you would like submit your own project for consideration, please post it to Show and Tell. To be considered, your project should be documented, open-source, include a license, and the project page must not violate or suggest violations of VRChat's TOS, or link to any pages that do. We will update this list weekly, adding and removing projects.

The List


  • AV3 Emulator: Avatar Emulator with OSC Support (Unity Editor)
  • TouchOSC: Scriptable OSC Interface Application (App)
  • Protokol: App to monitor and log OSC (App)


  • OscCore: A performance-oriented OSC library for Unity, what we use within VRChat
  • VRCOSCGUI: OSCSender for VRChat based on Plugins (C#, C++, C)
  • phorcys: Open Sound Control (OSC) implementation and VRChat OSC API tools written in Rust! (Rust)
  • VRC_OSCLib: Library for using OSC in VRChat (Python)
  • OSCLib-for-ESP8266: Send OSC from microcontrollers for DIY hardware (Arduino)

Heart Rate

  • HRPResence: Windows GATT heartrate monitor tool that pushes BPM to OpenSoundControl (OSC) for VRChat and DiscordRPC. (C#)
  • miband-heartrate-osc: Enable and monitor heartrate with Mi Band device on Windows 10. (C#)
  • pulsoid-to-vrchat-osc: Send Heart Rate to VRChat over OSC via Pulsoid (NodeJS)
  • hr-osc: Send Heart Rate from Stromno to Avatar (Go)
  • vrc-osc-miband-hrm: Sends data from Mi Band / Amazfit HR Monitor to Avatar (NodeJS)
  • BluetoothHeartRateOSC: Bluetooth Heart Rate reading program that writes to VRChat OSC (C#)

Face Tracking

  • OpenSeeFace: Robust realtime face and facial landmark tracking on CPU with Unity integration (Python)
  • VSeeFace Standalone program with Face and Hand tracking, adding some direct VRChat Avatar messages (App)
  • VRChat-MotionOSC: Webcam to Avatar Parameters (NodeJS)

IRL Control

Hand Tracking

  • leapmotion-osc: Leap Motion Controller finger tracking for VRChat OSC (NodeJS)


  • TwitchVrcAvatarOSC: Twitch bot to manipulate avatar
  • OSCKeyboard: Send Windows keyboard input to Avatar keyboard (Python)
  • vrc-worldobject: Create world space props that are network-synced for late joiners. (TouchOSC, C#)

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