VRChat 2021.3.2p1

Release - 12 August 2021 - Build 1123


  • Fixed an issue with PostProcessLayers which would affect Post Processing settings not appearing on user cameras
  • Fixes to constraints in the SDK to make their behavior match in-app
  • Made adjustments that will catch and skip bad draw calls that can result in crashes during certain situations
  • Fixed MSAA being disabled on Quest 1
  • Fixed issues with TextMeshPro shaders on outdated Quest content by automatically replacing them
  • Added TMPro shaders to the always include shaders list
  • Added legacy particle shaders to the always include shaders list which should help fix cases where the shaders turned opaque

Udon & SDK

  • Changes to recompile all Program Sources when opening project to resolve issue where programs would appear to be empty in the inspector, especially on Prefabs.
  • Disabled function that Clears the log after Udon import - this was also clearing on entering PlayMode, hiding logs that happened during Start.
  • Fixed issue where SerializedAssets would be removed from UdonBehaviours in the Editor
  • Fixed issue where UdonBehaviours on Instantiated objects would not be registered for events
  • Reduced VRC Control Panel Draw calls for better performance when visible
  • Fixed AnimatorControllers which were being hidden in the Inspector
  • Added ColorBlock.defaultColorBlack back to Whitelist