VRChat 2023.4.2

Live - 30 November 2023 - Build 1388

Our first step for VRChat’s Creator Economy, Paid Subscriptions, are here!!

We've really really really excited, and have been talking about this for a while now. In case you missed it:

Folks have been buying and selling stuff in VRChat for a long time. Currently, creators within VRChat have to jump through a series of complex, frustrating hoops if they want to make money.

For creators, this means often requiring multiple external platforms, Udon scripts and external servers, name-matching, image-encoding… and a whole lot of jank. For supporters, it means signing up for those same platforms and hoping that the creator you’re trying to support set everything up correctly, and crossing your fingers you didn’t misspell your name.

The end result is a mess. We’re building something better. First step: Paid Subscriptions. We have a blog post here with a video you should check out.

But VRChat I hate reading and I hate watching videos!! Ok fine:

  • Qualified creators can now sell Paid Subscriptions, granting a Paid Role in a creator's group for a period of time.
  • You can purchase VRChat Credit packs from $4.99 up to $99.99 to pay for creator subs in VRChat directly through Steam, Meta, Google, etc.
  • You can use VRChat Credits to purchase Paid Subs for periods of time. You can buy a month of time, 3 months, a year, or anything in between!
  • We've added a Marketplace tab to browse creators and see what's available!
  • Creators who sell group roles can use Udon to grant special abilities for paying members.
  • Everyone will be able to buy stuff, but not everyone will be able to sign up to make money from their creations just yet. We'll be ramping creator selling up over the coming weeks.

But please, check out the blog and video. They'll answer any questions about things like revenue split or when to expect to hear more about our next steps.

Other really cool and exciting things


Impostors are avatar body doubles that show avatars in situations where you’d usually see a fallback or robot. They give the illusion of being the original avatar while bridging the gap between different systems. For example, if your avatar is PC only, an Impostor will show your friends on other platforms a simple but still recognizable version of you.

  • An Impostor will also show when there is a performance issue or block.
  • You can only generate impostors for avatars you own and uploaded.
  • Impostors currently only work with humanoid avatars.

Please read our documentation here on generating and editing your Impostor.

Content Filtering!

Recently, we introduced Content Gating. When you upload any new content to VRChat, you're asked if it falls under any explicit labels. Now, we're adding Content Filtering.

  • You can now filter avatar and world content using Content Labels.
    • The labels are: sexually suggestive, adult language and themes, graphic violence, excessive gore, and extreme horror.
  • These filters are off by default if you are 18 or older. If you are under 18, they are always on and can't be turned off.
    • Your age is set by the birthday you entered during account registration.
  • Added a new Content Gating section on the Safety Settings page to control content filters.
  • You can report Worlds or Avatars for not being properly labeled.
    • Added a "Missing Content Warnings" report category for all content.


Paid-what now? Among Us? Content who?

You've made it to the most important part of the patch: we added a clock. Open your Quick or Main Menu and weep at its time-keeping beauty.

Fixes & Updates

  • Mini update to search UI!
    • We've added tabs to the search results page to make navigation easier.
    • New All tab with top results from each category to make searches quicker
    • Including the words avatar, avatars, avi or avis in your search will default you to the avatars tab!
  • Pickup's autohold should no longer break while in a moving station, such as sitting in a moving car.
  • Fixed handheld camera and menus jittering while in a moving station.
    • Grabbing objects now correctly takes the "Proximity" value of pickups and interactables into account.
    • Previously, there was a certain avatar-scale dependent minimum value that couldn't be reduced.
    • [You can read our documentation on pickups here.] (https://creators.vrchat.com/worlds/components/vrc_pickup/).
  • We've increased the number of groups you can create from 3 to 5, and also increased the number of groups you can join from 100 to 200!
  • Object highlighting effects (e.g. blue dashed lines to pickups) now scale better with your avatar size.
  • The handheld camera's interaction radius now scales with your avatar size, making it easier to hold and avoid accidental grabs.
  • The Quick Menu Here page no longer starts out scrolled to the bottom.
  • Fixed the Group Locations list sometimes appearing blank when there are open group instances.
  • Fixed placeholder "User Name" and "Custom Status" text displaying instead of your friends' actual username and status.
  • The Groups Gallery tab is now properly labeled.
  • SDK test avatars no longer cause the Main Menu Avatar Details page to display incorrect information.
  • Double-clicking the Main Menu Avatars tab, World tab, or Social tab will open up the Search page set to Avatar Worlds, Worlds, and Users respectively.
  • Main Menu sidebar list bubbles, like Recently Visited, now correctly appear again and show the count within the page.
  • Opening the VRChat Main Menu, Quick Menu, or any pop-ups now disables all screen-space canvases and re-enables them when closed.
  • Fixed a bug where players could report their own worlds.
  • Added the FBT Locomotion animation settings that existed in Quick Menu to Main Menu.
  • Add a UI icon to avatars to indicate if they have passed or failed their server-side performance scan.
  • Images are now cached on disk to help speed up UI loading times.
  • Mouth movements will now be disabled on avatars that move far away from you, which will help with performance.
  • Further memory improvements (we say this a lot but we've been working on it a lot!!)
  • And further load time improvements on PC and Quest!
  • Guided Mode testing has been removed. After lots of testing and feedback, we've decided to pursue another direction with this feature. Thank you to everyone that participated!
  • Login screen no longer rotates after logging out in desktop mode.
  • Improved behavior of avatar download size limits on Quest.
  • Reduced shininess of SteamVR models, like visible Index Controllers while the Main Menu is open or in loading screens.
  • Added experimental "outline-style" microphone icon and "pixel-shifting" to prevent burn-in:
    • Pixel shifting moves the HUD a small amount of pixels over time. It's imperceptible!
    • The icons! They're outlines! woah!!
    • Both options can be enabled in Settings. Search for "experimental".
    • Both options are force-enabled on Bigscreen Beyond headsets.
  • Camera components are now enabled for non-friends if you force-show them. Select a user and click "Show Avatar".
  • Turning using joystick input while pointing at the Quick Menu works again.
  • Fixed localization error on notifications.
  • Fix avatar previews sometimes sticking around after closing the Main Menu (no more mini-mes, although they somehow keep coming back…).
  • Fix rare case of avatars being incorrectly positioned in the Main Menu preview.
  • Fix instance list sporadically showing entries from other World pages.
  • Improved the speed of instance list appearing when viewing a World page.
  • Fix a crash that occurred when loading images in the menu or during world loading.
  • Spamming input keys, specifically the chatbox hotkey 'Y', will no longer cause further inputs to be blocked.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause control bindings to not save between sessions.
  • Improved progress bar when loading cached avatars.
  • Cloth components will scale correctly with your avatar again.
  • Changing the "Max Avatar Download Size" now applies to already downloaded avatars as well, and will reload them into Impostors or Fallbacks as appropriate.
  • Fixed an issue with the handheld camera that caused visual glitches when UI and smoothing were both enabled.
    • The camera will now actively avoid clipping into itself.
  • Uh, at some point, the "avatars hitch on load when Unity Terrain is in the scene" bug stopped happening, so yay!
  • Note: The Meta Quest 1 is officially deprecated with this patch, 2023.4.2. The Meta Quest 1 will be unable to launch VRChat starting with this version.


  • Hugely improved the Shader Fallback system, which will more correctly initialize and copy values from unlike shaders.
    • This should result in far less shiny or metallic avatars when shaders are blocked.
  • Updated Standard Lite, which now retroactively supports reflection probes, ambient occlusion, and detail maps. Any Quest avatar using Standard Lite that relied on metallics should now look more like what you would expect.
  • Added a "Supersampled UI" shader for mobile worlds. This shader performs supersampling at the texture sample level, allowing you to have extremely readable texture-based text without sacrificing mipmaps.
    • Recommended for both PC and mobile.
    • This also updates loading screens and VRChat UI to use the new supersampling.
    • This will detect uses of the original Default/UI shader and dynamically attempt to replace it with VRChat/Mobile/Worlds/Supersampled UI. This is a drop-in, compatible version of the Default/UI shader which supersamples the texture, resulting in sharper and more legible text with little to no notable performance reduction.
  • Fixed Networking.IsInstanceOwner always returning true.
  • Added a new built-in avatar parameter IsOnFriendsList of type boolean, which is true if the user wearing the avatar is on your friend list.
  • Grabbing objects now correctly takes the "Proximity" value of pickups and interactables into account.
    • Previously, there was a certain avatar-scale dependent minimum value that couldn't be reduced.
    • You can read our documentation on pickups here.
  • Avatar particles with random properties now appear consistently in mirrors.
    • Constraint components are no longer added to mirrored avatars to help improve performance.
    • This may impact avatars that use constraints to hide objects from the local avatar while still having them appear in mirrors.
    • The FX layer of the mirrored avatar is initialized after the FX layer of the non-mirrored avatar. You should use this method instead if you want objects that are visible in mirrors but not in first person.
    • You can view VRLab's example on how to set this up here.