VRChat 2024.2.2p1

Live - 22 May 2024 - Build 1458

Changes & Fixes

  • Network performance improvements (thanks #open-beta testers!)
  • Improved memory handling for textures on Android devices.
  • Improved memory handling for emojis.
  • Fixed an issue that caused disconnect popups to say "DisconnectByDisconnectMessage" instead of something more helpful.
  • Custom graphics settings should now be reverted properly when switching back to a standard Quality Preset.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing users to exit VRCStations while interacting with the menu.
  • Improved and fixed the loading screen overlay's position in VR.
    • It is now unaffected by avatar scale and vertical viewing angle, meaning no more personal-space-invading loading screens when travelling worlds while laying down
  • The keyboard popup will no longer close when clicking within its margin.
  • Text in the keyboard popup now shifts properly in mobile VR, so you can see what you're doing when it gets longer than the box.

Android Mobile Fixes

  • Fixed an Android mobile crash that could occur if you backswipe under certain conditions.