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Advanced Options

These options are more advanced and designed to help creators debug issues with their creations.

There are several launch options available for VRChat.

If you are using Steam, you can set these easily in the Properties for VRChat, found by right-clicking on VRChat's entry in your game list. After clicking Properties, click on Set Launch Options, then put your desired launch options in.

If you are using Oculus PC, you must create a shortcut to the VRChat executable. After launching Oculus Home, launch this shortcut by clicking its icon. The Oculus launcher does not support launch options natively.

Oculus Quest does not support any of these launch options.

Launch Option



Forces Desktop mode


Launches with a different user profile, where X is a number. 0 is the default profile


Overrides the FPS cap to X instead of the default. On Desktop, 90 is the default. In VR, the headset's reported maximum refresh rate is the default.


Enables debug menu shortcuts, see Keyboard and Mouse for shortcut keys


Enables a large amount of additional logging.

Warning: Will cause your log to get VERY large!


Enable Udon heap and stack dumps in the client. Usually only enabled in editor

Warning: May cause your log to get quite large in Udon worlds that are having issues!


Forces the legacy method of Full-Body Tracking calibration. Not recommended.


Forces the MIDI drive to search for a connected MIDI device which contains the deviceName specified, including partial matches, case-insensitive


Watches the location where the VRChat SDK builds worlds, and automatically joins any new local world created.
See Using Build & Test


Watches the location where the VRChat SDK builds test avatars, and if wearing a test avatar that's been updated automatically switches to the newer version.


Customize network settings for incoming/outgoing OSC messages.
Accepts the following 3 arguments:

  • inPort: The port that the VRChat client should listen on for incoming OSC messages.
  • outIP: The IP that outgoing OSC messages should be sent to.
  • outPort: The port that outgoing OSC messages should be sent to.

Resolution and Screen Choice

Unity 2019 removed the ability to launch a dialog by holding shift/alt when launching, but you can use launch arguments to replace much of that functionality.

Launch Option



Override the default screen width. This must be an integer from a supported resolution.


Override the default screen height. This must be an integer from a supported resolution.


Override the default full-screen state. This must be 0 or 1.


DOES NOT WORK - just listing it because you might try it and get confused.

-monitor N

Run Standalone Player on the specified monitor, indicated by a 1-based index number.

You can find them here, under the "Unity Standalone Player command line arguments" section.
Note that most (if not all) of the force launch options will cause issues that prevent you from using VRChat.

Ensure that you select the correct version of Unity using the selector in the top left. Refer to the Currently Supported Unity Version page to see what version VRChat is currently using.

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