VRChat 2022.2.1p4

Release - 2 Jun 2022 - Build 1205


ATTENTION ALL FBT USERS: It is exceptionally important that you ensure that your "User Real Height" setting is actually set to your real height!! If you are having issues with FBT in this patch, check that first!


  • Added a toggle to the settings Quick Menu for full body IK 2.0 that can disable locomotion animations on avatars
    • When locomotion is deactivated with this toggle, the avatar's base layer will be replaced by a static standing pose that may behave better with FBT. In the new toggle's default locomotion-active position, the avatar's existing base layer will be used (unchanged) as before. That means that if the avatar's animator also disables FBT locomotion, it will remain that way regardless of this toggle.


  • The Avatar Measurement (height or arm-span) toggle now automatically applies your saved calibration after switching scaling mode, so you don't need to re-calibrate
  • Auto-footstep will reengage more quickly after finishing locomotion
  • If you already have 11-point tracking set up, turning on and tracking additional devices (up to 16) will work, although trackers above the 11-point setup will be ignored
    • This was done to add more headroom to the "ignore trackers that are too distant" feature
    • This is not 16 point tracking! It is only an increase in capacity for ignored trackers to exist while not stealing a spot from trackers used for 11pt full body
  • The calibration range for the hip tracker has been increased (by 40cm) to better account for the distance from surface to center at that point compared to other locations such as feet or arms, etc
  • Trackers frozen via the --freeze-tracking-on-disconnect launch option should now all properly unfreeze with recalibration


  • Fixed a regression where users could no longer scroll menu in desktop mode using right click
  • Fixed an issue preventing remote player playlists from loading
  • Fixed a UI issue preventing the self mic "VU" meter from filling up completely in the QM sound menu