VRChat 2023.3.1

Release - 9 August 2023 - Build 1332

New Features

  • Added video link support to Quest!
    • Previously, you'd have to use a direct video link or an external link resolver to get videos from various sites to play on Quest. Not anymore! Video links of all kinds will work.
    • We've implemented a link resolver similar to the one we use on PC, so now you can play video on Quest without having a direct video link. You can simply paste in the URL.
    • See our Creator docs for our allow-list of services that work without having to Allow Untrusted URLs.
  • You can now purchase yearly VRChat Plus subscriptions on Oculus Quest!
    • There will be a new button on the VRChat+ menu yearly subscriptions, with a 16% discount versus subbing monthly.
    • ⚠️ Yearly VRChat Plus subscription purchases will not work on the Beta on Oculus Quest.
  • We also redesigned the VRC+ homepage in the Main Menu!
    • If you're a subscriber, this page will now change to indicate the status of your sub, as well as show VRC+ specific settings.
  • New "Avatar World" filter added to search for when you just need something cool to wear


  • Group menu improvements including:
    • Merged the Join a Group and Group Search categories into one
    • Copied the Group Locations category from the Social tab to the Groups tab and renamed it to Group Activity
    • If you're not a member of a group we'll prompt you to find or create one
  • We've made it possible to throw all your VRChat pictures into one, big, unsorted folder
    • Adding picture_output_folder to your config file and pointing at a valid folder should now redirect all pictures taken in VRChat to that folder instead of My Pictures/VRChat
    • You can also stop sorting pictures by date by adding picture_output_split_by_date to your config file and setting it to false
  • Added a Group Nameplate Banner toggle to the Action Menu


  • Group Locations no longer shows incorrect instance cards.
  • Instance list no longer disappears when switching pages.
  • The Forced Camera Near Distance setting now properly displays your setting in the menu.
  • Fixed the "Jump To Section" button on the Help & Info page.
  • Removed the Change Mic button from Quick Menu audio settings on Quest.
  • Removed persisting "Fallback" tooltip when switching between menus.
  • Quick Menu in VR no longer acts freaky when expanding the Group selection drop down menu.
  • Closing the Main Menu with the avatar details page open no longer pops an error when opening the menu again via the Quick Menu.
  • Large avatars no longer overlap or block the avatar report modal when opened.
  • Main Menu avatar previews no longer affect world lighting when entering a world with no directional light.
  • Added some missing strings from localized login flows.
  • Added a link to our documentation in VRChat for users using unrecognized controllers.
  • Tooltip improvements for the reporting flow.
  • Stopped the Search keyboard from bugging out when holding down the mouse/trigger.
  • All worlds now show under a world author's profile regardless of platform.
  • Main Menu tooltip for locking and unlocking the menu no longer shows incorrect information.
  • When restarting VRChat, the Show Filter on any wing menu set to World will no longer reset to Recent Worlds.
  • Master volume toggle now updates other dependent toggles.
  • Ban From Group button weirdness is fixed (it was showing up in places it shouldn't have been like a tiny, UI ghost)
  • Updating your profile no longer removes your language selections.
  • Fixed issue where the debug UI on Oculus PC was invisible.
  • The "Add Friend To Favorites" button from the Quick Menu has been added to the Main Menu as well.
  • Blue object highlights no longer appear in screenshots taken from the Quick Menu.
  • Removed some old, defunct buttons from the Worlds tab.
  • Reverted the behaviour of auto-level and look-at-me on the handheld camera based on user feedback
  • Fixed issues with instance list scrolling on the world details page
  • Light from the avatar preview in the Main Menu will no longer affect the world’s sun direction
  • Fixed an issue where the Block Avatar Globally button in the QM appeared disabled
  • Improved stability when using the non-Toggle microphone mode
  • Safety and security fixes


  • Added support for OSCQuery, which allows for easy OSC setup!
    • Applications that implement OSCQuery can automatically find VRChat and configure themselves to send data.
    • Native support for multiple OSC receivers! VRChat will automatically find OSCQuery apps which support data it can send, and open up a new port to send that data to each supported receiver.
    • You can still configure OSC using Launch Options. However, if you don't, VRChat will automatically find a good UDP port if you turn on OSC at runtime.
    • See the Unity Examples for more information on setting up an OSCQuery App to send and receive data.
  • Added support for sending out head and wrist tracking data from the VR system over OSC. This feature will require the receiving app to use OSCQuery.
    • This requires enabling an option in the Tracking and IK section of the Main Menu: "Allow Sending Head and Wrist VR Tracking OSC Data"

Known Issues

  • Lighting in avatar preview can be affected by world settings
  • Muting/Unmuting via key or button does not play a sound
  • OSCQuery: Input/MoveBackward provides an incorrect description