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Avatar Fallback System

The Avatar Fallback system is a way for a user to select an avatar that displays in place of the "gray robot" placeholder that appears when the avatar is being shown on an incompatible system.


Jim and Naomi are in the same VRChat instance of the VRChat Home. Jim is using a Valve Index, and is playing VRChat on their PC via Steam. Naomi is using an Oculus Quest 2, and is playing VRChat on the Quest 2 directly.

If Jim wears an avatar that has a PC asset uploaded, but not a Quest asset uploaded, Naomi won't be able to see his avatar. Previously, Naomi would see Jim in a "gray robot" placeholder avatar.

However, Jim can open his menu and choose a "Fallback" avatar, which will let him choose how he appears to Naomi (and other Quest users) when he's wearing an avatar with no Quest version available.

Now, when Naomi looks at Jim, she sees his Fallback avatar instead of a gray robot!


How do I see what my Fallback avatar looks like?

In your Avatars menu, you'll see a new "picture-in-picture" view of your chosen avatars.

What avatar will be my Fallback by default?

We select a random avatar from the Featured Public fallback avatars for your initial fallback avatar.

What happens if my avatar already has a Quest asset?

Not much! Your fallback won't be displayed in this case. Additionally, the UI is only visible on avatars that is missing a Quest version-- so if you've already got a Quest version, it gets out of your way automatically.

How do I choose a new Fallback avatar?

You can select your Fallback avatar in the Avatar menu by clicking the "Select Quest" button. When you click that button, you'll be brought to a selector where you can choose from your available avatars. Once you've made your selection, you can click on "Switch PC" to switch back to your PC view, or "Change into Avatars" to confirm your choice and set your avatars.

What avatars can I choose from as a Fallback?

Fallback avatars must be ranked as Excellent or Good on the Avatar Performance Ranking System for the Quest in order to be used as a Fallback avatar. The avatar must also be marked as a Fallback avatar while uploading.

Most of the Public Featured avatars are eligible for use as Fallback avatars, so they have already been set up! You can select from them.

Can I hide the Fallback avatar UI?

Yep! Just click "Hide Quest" in the top left and the UI will get out of your way.

What if my Fallback avatar only has a Quest asset? How does that display in the UI?

That's fine, we'll just show you the thumbnail instead.

Can I upload my own Fallback avatars for my own usage?

Yes! With the latest VRChat SDK, you can mark any avatar you upload as a fallback, as long as it has a Quest asset that is ranked at least Good on the Quest Avatar Performance Ranking System chart. There is a checkbox on the SDK's upload screen that you check to opt-in the avatar as a Fallback.

If an avatar that doesn't meet the performance requirements somehow gets marked as a Fallback, it will appear as a "gray robot" placeholder avatar when selected as a fallback.

What about size differences? If the avatar I'm wearing is 2 meters tall, but my fallback is only 1 meter tall, what happens?

We do some scaling to ensure that your size reasonably matches. There are limits to this, but they're pretty generous.

We try our best to match movements between the scaled avatars and potentially differing armatures. That being said, drastically different avatars may have undesirable results. Try to use a fallback similar in proportion to your current avatar where possible.

Can I set my custom Fallback avatar to public so others can use it?

Not at this time. If you want a custom Fallback avatar, you need to upload it yourself.

Can I set one of my favorite avatars as my Fallback?

Not at this time. As above, if you want a custom Fallback avatar, you need to upload it yourself.

Can I set a Fallback so that if I'm wearing a Quest-only avatar, I have a PC fallback?

Not at this time, but if it starts becoming a strong need, we'll implement that!

Can I use the Fallback system to define a performant avatar to use in the place of the Perf Blocked placeholder avatar?

Not at this time, but good idea!

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Avatar Fallback System

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