VRChat 2023.4.1

Open Beta - 18 October 2023 - Build 1373

This version of VRChat has been updated to Unity 2022.3.6f1.

If you are a VRChat creator, do not upgrade your projects to 2022 yet. Please wait on a SDK update. Continue using 2019 for now.


  • Fixed a major performance regression in worlds with lots of lights, even if baked
  • Fixed an issue preventing vote kicks from working

Past here, these fixes were fixes during the Beta. So... if you haven't been on the beta, most of these won't matter. WOO

  • Mirrors appear in steady cam mode again.
  • Mirrors are no longer black when using stream camera.
  • Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest avatar of them all...
  • Stream camera no longer shows black artifacts in some worlds.
  • Post-processing effects are no longer broken in stream camera.
  • Reverb zones now behave correctly when setting their volume via Udon and no longer cause distorted audio.
  • "Buffer particles" behave like in Unity 2019 again.
    • Some workarounds proposed by community members will still function correctly. We strongly recommend switching to those regardless and not relying on this specific behavior going forward.
  • Mesh colliders with read/write disabled and non-uniform scaling applied are no longer broken.
  • Particle systems with mesh emission will illuminate correctly again.
  • The initial loading screen, and certain worlds, will no longer cause a duplicated/generally messed up view on Meta Quest.
  • Video players no longer stutter at low client framerates.
  • HMD rotation no longer flips at certain angles on headsets with canted displays (e.g. Pimax)
  • Throwing pickups that are set to kinematic for the duration of the hold are supported again.
    • Note that the timing of applying the force had to be changed (Unity 2022 does not support velocities on kinematic objects), so reading the velocity in OnDrop will only work for non-kinematic rigidbodies now.
  • Animating properties like Allow Grabbing on PhysBones works correctly again.
  • Certain custom animator configurations using a T-Pose controller no longer get stuck in some states.
  • Fixed avatars freezing and desyncing from the player's location.
    • Properly, this time around. Anyone who has experienced this issue before, or helped us out on the d-test beta, testing again on this new version would be much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™
  • Fixed brief blue screen flash when launching VRChat on Meta Quest.

Known Issues

These issues are known and will be fixed in subsequent updates.

  • There's a significant stutter when loading avatars in worlds with Unity Terrain
  • Some older worlds have shader issues on Unity Terrain
    • Unity Terrain, what is going on my guy
  • Particle systems weirdness, e.g. some particle emitters ignore their shape rotation
  • Some avatars will not be able to scale at the moment, but it's a very _small _minority from what we can tell. In particular, scaling + cloth is still broken in a variety of (not game-breaking, but annoying) ways