VRChat 2022.2.1p5

Release - 23 Jun 2022 - Build 1206


Fixes, Changes, and Improvements

  • Various IK Improvements
    • Untracked elbow behavior should be more stable especially when moving your hand back behind your shoulder
    • Users without elbow trackers should now get a bit more expression in their shoulders, for example some basic shrugging is possible
    • Fixed a bug causing lower body to stay tracked, but freezing upper body during collisions (now the whole body will freeze properly)
    • Changed collision freezing behavior in FBT such if your tracked hip is not colliding, IK will not freeze
      • This should allow you to, for example, lean over a table with a collider without freezing your tracking
  • Input system tweaks and fixes
    • Fixed an issue causing keys to "stick" when Alt-tabbing out of the VRChat application
    • Disabled the V key's mute functionality when typing inside a VRChat input field
    • The "Enter" key is no longer mapped to the "Confirm" action
  • Fixed an issue where SDK2 video players would behave poorly when they encountered an error state