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Get Started    

Keyboard and Mouse

What it does


Moves player forward


Moves player left


Moves player back


Moves player right


Makes player jump (if it is enabled in the room)


Crawl/Go Prone




Opens quick menu


makes player run

Left Click

Interact / Pickup

Right Click (Hold)

Shows interaction mouse

Right Click

Drop pickup

Right Click + F (Hold)

Allows you to throw held pickups

V (Hold) (If using push to talk)

Enables microphone as long as it's held

V (If using toggle talk)

Enables / Disables microphone

Control + N

Toggles visibility of player nametags

Control + H

Toggles visibility of the HUD (microphone and notification icons)

Control + \

Local switch to default robot avatar (good for when unable to access menu or see out of avatar)

Menu + 1

Toggles visibility of trigger debug menu

Menu + 2

Toggles visibility of information debug menu

Menu + 3

Toggles visibility of console debug menu

Menu + 4

Toggles visibility of networking debug menu

Menu + 5

Toggles visibility of networking graph debug menu


Takes screenshot, saved to the folder VRChat is installed

Shift + F1*

Hand gesture - Idle

Shift + F2*

Hand gesture - Fist

Shift + F3*

Hand gesture - Open hand

Shift + F4*

Hand gesture - Point

Shift + F5*

Hand gesture - Peace

Shift + F6*

Hand gesture - Rock n roll

Shift + F7*

Hand gesture - Finger gun

Shift + F8*

Hand gesture - Thumbs up

* Use left shift to control your left hand, use right shift to control your right hand

Keyboard and Mouse

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