Keyboard and Mouse

You can play VRChat using a keyboard, mouse, and monitor! No headset required.

Movement is handled via the standard FPS "WASD" setup, with your mouse adjusting your view position. Your head will point in the direction you're looking.

It is not possible to move your arms while in Desktop mode currently.

KeyWhat it does
WMoves player forward
AMoves player left
SMoves player back
DMoves player right
SpaceMakes player jump (if it is enabled in the room)
ZCrawl/Go Prone
ROpens Action Menu
EscapeOpens Quick Menu
Left ClickInteract / Pickup
Right Click (Hold)Shows interaction mouse
Right ClickDrop pickup
Right Click + F (Hold)Allows you to throw held pickups
V (Hold) (If using push to talk)Enables microphone as long as it's held
V (If using toggle talk)Enables / Disables microphone
YOpens chatbox text input
EndToggles AFK mode
Control + NToggles visibility of player nametags
Control + HToggles visibility of the HUD (microphone and notification icons)
Control + \Local switch to default robot avatar (good for when unable to access menu or see out of avatar)
RShift + Backtick + 1 †Toggles visibility of trigger debug menu
RShift + Backtick + 2 †Toggles visibility of information debug menu
RShift + Backtick + 3 †Toggles visibility of console debug menu
RShift + Backtick + 4 †Toggles visibility of networking debug menu
RShift + Backtick + 5 †Toggles visibility of networking graph debug menu
RShift + Backtick + 7 †Toggles visibility of networking debug overlay
RShift + Backtick + 8 †Toggles visibility of event debug overlay
RShift + Backtick + 9 †Toggles visibility of user networking debug overlay
F12Takes screenshot, saved to the folder VRChat is installed
Control + F12Takes screenshot at double the normal resolution, by default 4K (3840 × 2160), saved to the User's Pictures/VRChat folder
Shift + F1*Hand gesture - Idle
Shift + F2*Hand gesture - Fist
Shift + F3*Hand gesture - Open Hand
Shift + F4*Hand gesture - Point
Shift + F5*Hand gesture - Victory (Peace)
Shift + F6*Hand gesture - Rock 'n Roll
Shift + F7*Hand gesture - Finger-gun
Shift + F8*Hand gesture - Thumbs up
Shift + F11*Enables Safe Mode, which swaps Safety to Custom Level with all features disabled.
< and >Rotate the player left and right in.
I / KAdjusts pitch of the held object (rotate along X axis)
J / LAdjusts yaw of the held object (rotate along Y axis)
U / OAdjusts roll of the held object (rotate along Z axis)
Mouse WheelMoves the held object forward/back (translate along Z axis)
Middle Mouse Button (Hold)Adjusts object rotation by moving the mouse

* Use left shift to control your left hand, use right shift to control your right hand.

† On a standard English US QWERTY layout keyboard, "backtick" is the key in the top left, next to the 1 key. It shares a key with the tilde (~) character.

Debug options are disabled unless you launch VRChat with the --enable-debug-gui launch option.