VRChat 2023.4.1p3

Release - 17 November 2023 - Build 1376

Note: The Meta Quest 1 will be unable to launch VRChat starting with the next update. On this patch, you'll see a note warning you of this upcoming change. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Fixes & Updates

  • We've reverted the microphone fading behaviour and made it an option in the menu instead.
    • You can now choose between "Always On", "On Activity" (previous default), and "When Muted" (the option shipped in 2023.4.1p2).
    • With this patch, everyone's preference will be reset to "On Activity".
    • Additionally, some minor fixes and visual corrections related to opacity blending have been applied to the mic indicator.
  • Improved memory usage on standalone VR platforms.
    • On these platforms, VRChat now uses a more optimized, stylized look for loading screen elements. This will not affect PC VRChat.
    • This means these elements might look a bit different in exchange for better performance.
  • Safety and stability improvements!