VRChat 2024.2.1p1

Live - 1 May 2024 - Build 1447

Changes & Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused some avatars to flash magenta for a moment when becoming visible.
  • Restored background audio/music playback from other apps while in-game on Android Mobile and Standalone VR.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some world UIs to not be interactive as expected.
    • Details for creators: VRC_UiShape will now set GraphicRaycaster.BlockingObjects to None automatically. VRChat handles cursor occlusion outside of GraphicRaycaster, so the property has no valid use, but was broken during the last update.
  • Fixed a regression where certain Input APIs would not register in Udon or use incorrect button mappings, e.g. for the "Trigger" on certain VR controllers.