VRChat 2023.3.3p2m

Mobile Alpha - October 20, 2023

This update contains all of the improvements that come with 2023.3.3p2. Below are mobile-specific changes.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Various tooltip and label improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where the tunneling system would be enabled upon app launch.
  • Fixed an issue where the world audio slider would break between instances.
  • Fixed an issue where mobile-specific settings were not appearing in search.
  • Fixed an issue with InputLook values not reporting to Udon on mobile.
  • You can now tap on a user directly to get to their profile page instead of having to go through the traditional "select user" flow.
    • This feature is limited to users with 12 meters -- that feels like the sweet spot, but as always, feel free to leave us feedback.
  • Improved highlighting for pickups/interactables when there are multiple options next to each other.
  • Interactables now default to "auto hold" on mobile.

Known Issues

  • You're able to see your own Very Poor avatar if you're wearing one, even though nobody else can see it
  • Switching between WiFi and mobile connections will cause disconnects
  • Low-end devices might struggle to run VRChat.
    • We recommend "mid-range" devices with at least 6GB of RAM. Any flagship from the last ~3 years should have no issues.
  • The "unlimited" FPS option currently does not work as intended.
  • Audio can sometimes stop working.
  • Bluetooth audio can occasionally cause the application to crash.
    • This can also happen when connecting/disconnecting Bluetooth devices
  • Sometimes interacting with certain UIs causes the camera to move unexpectedly.