VRChat 2023.2.3

Live - 12 June 2023 - Build 1308



  • Groups Plus, Groups Publics, Group Bans, and more!! Groups continue to grow!
    • Our initial release of Groups back in December was to “release the bones of the system,” and then continue to build on that foundation. Well well, guess whose skeleton… got… stronger?
    • Group Instances! In addition to Group-only instances, you can now create and join Group+, and Groups Public instances!
      • You can use Group Roles to customize your instance how you like with role-gating and new permissions.
      • Creating group instances requires new permissions! Check your group role settings.
    • … also, Group Queues! When a Group, Group+, or Group Public instance is full, you’ll have the option to join a waitlist queue to get in!
      • Previously, you’d just have to click Join and hope you got in.
      • Now, you’ll get a widget that lets you know how long you’ve been waiting, and a notification plus countdown when it’s your turn to join.
      • With the proper permissions, certain Group members can hop to the front of the line, so they can get in first! Useful for Group moderators!
    • Group Bans! You can now ban people from your Group, even if they aren't a member! This prevents them from joining your Group's instances
      • Combine this permission with the instance moderation permission, and you can create moderators for your Group instances!
    • Added Group Locations in the Social Menu, which lets you see every instance of all Groups you are apart of in one place.
    • You can now search for Groups! Head to the Groups tab to check it out. However, there is no filtering or sorting just yet. Our bones are still growing. Please send calcium.
    • Group maximum capacity has been set to 100,000! This is a server-sided update so it might be kinda out of sync with the release but trust me it's there


  • If you reinstall VRChat, but have already done the tutorial, you won't have to do it again!
  • Changed some slider-adjacent buttons to toggles for clarity
  • Improved refresh rate of instance population in menus
    • This is a subtle but big change! Previously instance information would erroneously cache for way too long. Now it doesn't. woo
  • Logs on Quest are now stored in Documents/Logs instead of just Logs
    • You still need to turn on logging manually via the setting in the quick menu if you want to see log files


  • Avatar hider sliders in quick menu now show correct numbers on fresh installs
  • Menu text no longer becomes blurry after changing FOV
  • Fixed "open in main menu" buttons at the top of some quick menu pages not working
  • Added decimal precision to the IK settings in main menu
  • Fixed order of buttons in quick menu user tab to align it closer with main menu
  • Updated tooltips in "Managed Cached Data" section
  • Re-added some Finger Tracking options that were missing from settings
  • Updated main menu's audio switcher text to match the quick menu's text
  • Added missing main menu settings for OSC, AFK detection, and One Handed Movement
  • Camera components on avatars now enable on refresh after adding someone as a friend
    • The "friends only" requirement is not lifted, but after adding someone as a friend, reloading their avatar will now enable camera components
  • VRC+ loading screen banner no longer contains outdated information
  • Corrected spawn position in tutorial world and disallow movement inputs while world loading screen is still showing
  • Tooltips on toggle options no longer disappear after changing their state
  • Added missing report button tooltips
  • Refining a search no longer disables the shuffle button
  • Fixed horizontal mouse movement stuttering depending on FPS settings and screen refresh rate
  • Maybe fixed an issue where the portal interact icons turn into a white square sometimes?? maybe???
  • Fixed camera smoothing applying on locomotion
    • Camera smoothing will no longer cause your camera to clip into your avatar while walking around
  • Fixed the block button in quick menu sometimes being incorrectly grayed out
  • The menu is less likely, as my engineers put it, to "freak out" while in moving stations
    • Same goes for the camera's UI. Behaves a lot better at Mach 1!
  • No more delay on jump during low-performance situations



  • A few MIDI input timing fixes, including improved note processing, more consistent looping, and fixed Note On events with a velocity of '0' turning into Note Off events, which broke MIDI file parsing.
  • Scaling PhysBones to zero or very small values and back no longer breaks behavior
  • Fixed VRCPhysBone position unable to be animated when very tiny
  • Blocked users will sync their position and motion state again for querying in local Udon scripts
  • Udon can now be used to eject players from "standing" stations, with or without station exit disabled
  • Raycasting would not work in certain worlds related to the "enabled" state of Canvas or VRC_UiShape elements. Starting with a VRC_UiShape or Canvas disabled and enabling it via Udon will work correctly again
    • However, using a permanently disabled VRC_UiShape to turn on raycasting against an active canvas is considered legacy behavior. For now, it will work, but it may degrade UI performance. You should always ensure that VRC_UiShapes are enabled when they are supposed to be in use.