VRChat 2023.1.2p2

Release - 15 March 2023 - Build 1288



  • Improved player collision detection around portals when doing the local "too close" check
  • Fixed loading hitches on avatars with many parameter drivers
  • Fixed issues with animating specific transforms controlled by a VRCPhysBone component
  • Fixed exiting stations breaking lower-body IK for SDK3 avatars
  • Fixed avatars not being blocked by "Poor" or "Very Poor" performance blocking options if they would only fall into that category based on VRAM usage
  • Fixed avatar parameter drivers not working in the sitting controller
    • Note: Parameter drivers in animators specified on stations will only be able to drive existing avatar parameters, not create new ones, which (in some edge-cases) may be a deviation from how it worked previously. This will not be fixed, as using parameter drivers in station animators is not a supported use-case
    • Documentation on VRC_Stations has been updated accordingly
  • Fixed user volume on nameplates disappearing between instances
  • Fixed Fallback state on nameplates sometimes showing "Error" incorrectly