VRChat 2021.2.1

Release - 3 May 2021 - Build 1088


Changes and Improvements

  • Various performance improvements to internal systems
    • In particular, changes made to improve to avatar loading speeds and reduce hitching
  • Adjusted FPS display font to be monospaced so it is easier to read
  • The "VRChat Launcher Installer" helper program that launches when VRChat closes has been improved!
    • You'll be re-prompted once with this update. Accepting the changes will be necessary to fix a previous launch protocol bug
    • Now includes more accurate messaging depending on the current state of the helper
    • No longer pops up when not needed
    • After accepting the helper program's install, the Launch button on world links will work once more


  • Less/no more players appearing at 0,0,0 for others during spawn
  • Fixed several issues with the "fade to black" used during world changes
  • Lots of various fixes to avatar initialization
  • Locomotion settings are now properly saved and restored upon changing input controllers
  • General improvements and adjustments to the management of voice decode tasks
  • Fixed some cases of "popping" voice (not the current "pop-and-restore" bug)

Known Issues

  • While in Full Body Tracking, pressing Calibrate and then immediately opening up the SteamVR menu (or similar system overlay menu) will cause problems.
    • If you're not using legacy calibration, you'll have visible tracking points/controllers until you complete a valid Calibration.
    • If you're using legacy calibration, you'll be stuck in place and have visible tracking points/controllers until you complete a valid Calibration.
  • When loading into an AV3 avatar, the TrackingType parameter is unexpectedly set to 2 for 1-2 frames. This will cause any avatar controllers that are built with "dead-ends" to have issues. "Dead-ends" are branches of the animator that don't have a way to exit based on TrackingType changing after the initial avatar load.
    • You can also avoid this by not making transitions based off TrackingType being 2, but you really should also avoid building in dead-ends!

Major Documentation Changes

Documentation has been added to Animator Parameters to indicate that avatar authors should never "dead-end" animator branches based off parameters, otherwise undocumented or unintentional behavior may result. Animators should be designed with the expectation that any parameter value may change.

The section on the TrackingType animator parameter has been expanded with a better explanation of how to design animators to account for value changes.


  • Exposed the rest of the AVPro audio channels
  • Exposed IsInstanceOwner for Network and VRCPlayerAPI

Udon Node Graph

  • Major speed increases, especially with groups and large graphs
  • Compiles much less often
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't use all the ports after switching overloads (like a Quaternion with a single input or three inputs)
  • Pasted nodes are now also brought to the front of the graph


  • Both video players will now log who added a video URL and what that URL was to the output log