VRChat 2022.2.1p1

Release - 25 May 2022 - Build 1202


Changes, Fixes, and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue causing URLs in some video player implementations to not properly sync, resulting in broken players
  • Fixed an issue where the message lists shown for invite responses could be incorrect


Changes, Fixes, and Improvements

  • Objects instantiated via Udon's instantiate function will now inherit the original's localRotation and localPosition
    • In build 1201 clones were set to inherit the original's rotation and position, but this was both undocumented and inconsistent with Unity's instantiation behavior
    • This new behavior imitates Unity instantiation behavior for consistency, refer to their documentation for details
    • This is a change from previous behavior so we expect some rare cases where creators were relying on undocumented behavior to break