VRChat 2023.3.2

Release - 31 August 2023 - Build 1344

New Features

  • New UI color picker for VRChat Plus subscribers! Customize your menu's look even more with your very own color scheme.
    • Open your Main Menu and head to the VRChat+ tab. Pick any colors you'd like to customize the look of buttons, icons, backgrounds and more for your menus.
    • You can name palettes up to 12 characters and save them, so don't be afraid of experimenting with some new colors.
    • Click "Share" to copy your theme to your clipboard!
    • Click "Import" to paste in a theme!
    • And don't worry, we have palettes for the default UI if you want to return to basics.
      • We'd really love to see what combinations you cook up, so please share them with us via our social channels by using the #VRChatUI hashtag!
  • Japanese and German localizations! They'll be available on release!

IK Updates

A whole special section for the IK updates this time around!

  • A full rework of the tracker handling and management system.
  • Reduced tracker jiggle for SteamVR trackers.
    • Added the Tracker Motion Prediction slider to set how much prediction you need for tracker latency compensation.
      • The new default behavior is 0%, which removes jiggle caused by motion prediction, and 100% is the same as the old behavior.
  • Networking motion jiggle caused when rotating/shaking your head in FBT should be greatly reduced.
    • For creators: This adds support for getting the "AvatarRoot" tracking data from GetTrackingData().
      • This will return the position and rotation of the root transform of the avatar, which is the same transform that the player capsule is attached to.
  • Lock Head and Lock Both spine modes have been improved, targeting more expressive and stable results.
    • The original TPose orientation of bones will now affect IK solving in both of these modes.
    • Lock Both now uses dynamic spine length rather than crumpling at the neck.
    • Lock Head will now curve the neck and spine more when you lean or recline.
    • Lock Head mode now supports positional chest tracking (was previously twist-only).
      • This version is softer than the Lock Both positional chest tracking.
      • Isolation dancers will likely still prefer Lock Both for chest tracking!
  • Chest tracker behavior is more stable, especially in Lock Both mode.
  • One handed mode no longer kicks you out of FBT.
  • Calibrate FBT using a single trigger pull rather than using both controllers. Enable this the option in the Main Menu.
  • Connecting too many SteamVR devices should no longer prevent the last few devices from being usable.
  • Added a new launch argument: --ignore-trackers=serial1,serial2, etc. which will prevent trackers with the specified serial numbers from being used with calibration.
  • Shoulder Width Compensation has been made optional and can now be turned off in the Tracking & IK options.
  • With the Freeze Trackers on Disconnect feature, trackers will now freeze relative to playspace rather than head direction.
  • Temporarily obstructed trackers should now freeze in the playspace rather than flying off while obstructed.


  • The search page in the Main Menu now has a "Recommended Searches" row.
    • This row will make it easier for you to access any saved searches as well as offer a few suggested searches that we've curated for you.
    • Playing on a system not set to English? We'll try and offer up some localized recommended searches that may help you find new worlds that share your language.
  • Added localization for certain languages to the avatar alerts, avatar details, and VRChat+ menu.
  • When viewing the groups of another user, any groups you have in common with them will now be listed at the top of the window.
  • We've redesigned our mic icon behavior to prevent burn-in issues, particularly for OLED displays. Hello there, Bigscreen Beyond users :wave:
    • Mic icons will now fade out after 5 seconds of inactivity, either muted or unmuted. It takes 10 seconds to fade out.
    • Mic icons will fade back in immediately after detecting input while in any state.
    • Notifications no longer fade to gray before fading out.
    • If you'd like to keep the old behavior, you can turn these changes off in your Main Menu audio settings.
  • Added a setting under Comfort & Safety that lets you choose which region your home world is created in when you boot up VRChat or press Go Home.
  • Reduced hitching on avatar loading while other avatars are unloading.


  • Fixed an issue with instance queues preventing users from joining once the queue had popped
  • Match Eye Height button now works properly if the user was selected from the Here menu.
  • The world View More button no longer behaves weirdly in some parts of the Main Menu.
  • Corrected the HUD notification icon when receiving an invite request.
  • The face mirror will no longer show incorrect coloring in dark worlds on your avatar's face.
  • The group Join button no longer appears grayed out after viewing a group that's full.
  • Tutorial label text will now clear after closing the tutorial pop up.
  • The queue widget should no longer show position 0 in queue after logging out and back in.
  • VRC+ subscription page now shows correct expiration date.
  • Fixed issues with avatars not loading correctly or being stuck in loading pose.
  • Fixed the tabs along the bottom of the Main Menu not responding with Group Activity open in the Social menu.
  • The Quick Menu's UI Elements settings section was moved to the top of the page.
  • The Instance List now scrolls properly.
  • Your Bloom Intensity setting is now correctly applied as you load into a new world.
  • Fixed an issue where corrupted avatar save data could prevent you from changing worlds.
  • The handheld camera and (kinematic) pickups no longer jiggle or lag behind while sitting in a moving station.
    • Creators: Due to new internal handling of kinematic VRC_Pickup in stations, you must update their position in PostLateUpdate if you need to apply custom movement while they are in a user's hand.
  • Two avatar scaling fixes:
    • Cloth components now scale properly with your avatar
    • Nameplates and chat bubble now reposition properly when scaling
  • Several OSC updates and fixes
    • Fixed issues with chatbox and avatar parameter input via OSC.
    • Fix certain network conditions from preventing OSCQuery from starting or even in some cases preventing VRChat from loading correctly.
    • Block OSCQuery advertisements that match the client's receiving port, or name prefix, which avoids loops.
    • Reset OSCQuery state when disabling OSC from in-game, which allows proper reconnection and detection after re-enabling OSC.
    • Add back Input/LookVertical axis as a supported OSC input