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VRChat 2018.4.4

Closed Beta - Dec 15 2018 | Open Beta - Dec 20 2018 | Release - Dec 20 2018



  • It is again possible to place chairs on avatars! Use this to create things like car avatars, carry around people in your hands or on your shoulders-- anything you can think up! Please note: This feature is prone to weirdness and may act strange. For best results, try to mount the chair on your avatar such that the "head" location (as in, where a standard-sized occupant's head will be when sitting) is as close as possible to the Bone/GameObject the VRC_Station is a child of
    • The easiest way to add a station to your avatar is to create an empty GameObject as a child of whatever you want it to "stick" to, then add the VRC_Station script to that new empty GameObject. Don't use the VRCChair prefab, you'll get some SDK errors
  • The SDK's limit on polygon (triangle) count is now 70,000, and will now warn you if your avatar is unoptimized in the Build Control panel. Check out the SDK section below for details on the changes to the SDK
  • Favorite Worlds have become Playlists, and you can view other users' Playlists!
    • You have up to three Playlists that you can save worlds into
    • Each Playlist has a maximum of 32 worlds
    • You can name each Playlist as you see fit
    • You can set the Privacy level of a Playlist to Public, Friends-Only, or Private
    • You can view the Playlists of other users on their Social page by clicking on the Playlists button.
  • You can now see avatar performance statistics of someone's avatar performance while in VRChat. This system is not meant to be an end-all-be-all authority on performance, but it can help guide users improve their avatar's performance impact. It is purely informational and does not limit anything at this time. Check out our Avatar Performance Ranking System page for more details. You can access it in two ways:
    • When your Quick Menu is open, you'll see an icon on the left side of the nameplate that indicates the general "performance ranking" of the avatar that user is wearing
      • Performance ranks are (in descending order of performance): "Excellent", "Good", "Medium", "Poor", "Very Poor"
    • When you select someone with your Quick Menu open, you can click the "View Avatar Stats" button to view details on their avatar's performance
      • These numbers are highlighted depending on where they fall on the Ranking scale
      • You can also view the stats of your own avatars in the Avatar tab of the menu
      • The numbers used in this system are not final and we will be tweaking it based on feedback and further review
  • You can view your own avatar's performance ranking by clicking "View Avatar Stats" on your Avatar page
  • You can now Clone any Public Avatar that another user is wearing as long as they have "Allow Avatar Cloning" enabled in the Settings menu! See an avatar that someone's wearing? Want to try it on yourself? As long as it is a Public avatar and the user in question has "Allow Avatar Cloning" checked in their Settings menu (enabled by default), then you can just click them, click the button on the right in your Quick Menu, and you're good to go!
    • Important Note: If you have avatars that you don't want to be Cloneable, make sure they're set to Private in the "Manage Uploaded Content" section of the SDK
  • You can also view the Social page of the Author of an Avatar any user is wearing! Find this button right below "Clone Public Avatar" on the right side of the Social Quick Menu once you click on someone
  • We slipped in some festive Holiday emoji. Please use mistletoe responsibly.


  • We have implemented heavy optimizations to the IK system! You now only calculate the IK of your own local avatar, and you transmit the results of those calculations to others. This should greatly reduce the cost of IK, which was previously one of the most intensive parts of the app
  • We have added a World Script Whitelist to improve security in worlds and prevent users from accessing scripts they should not have in worlds. See the full list of whitelisted world scripts here


  • Safety and Security fixes
  • Fixed an issue causing VRChat to recognize game controllers as trackers
  • Fixed an issue where certain animators would cause worlds to crash
  • Fixed an issue where moving the mouse slowly horizontally would cause the movement to "catch"
  • The user point of view when sitting on a moving station is MUCH smoother (affects avatar and world stations)
  • Users without AVX instructions on their CPU should be able to launch VRChat once again. Thanks to Oculus for providing a patch!

Known Issues

  • Playlists currently have several issues with viewing/editing/sharing them. We're working on fixing this ASAP.
  • Announcement in pop-up during load informing users about Cloning is missing a URL. We're working on fixing this ASAP.
  • Moving stations, particularly on avatars, may result in some strange behavior. For best results, try to mount the chair on your avatar such that the "head" location (as in, where a standard-sized occupant's head will be when sitting) is as close as possible to the Bone/GameObject the VRC_Station is a child of
  • Doing any emote such as backflip, sitting in a station, and then getting back out will freeze you for about two minutes. Workaround: Don't do this
  • If you sit on a station that is on the avatar of someone sitting on you, you get flung into space. This is your punishment for breaking physics. Workaround: Don't do this-- or do, and accept the wrath of Newton
  • You can only have one copy of a world in any playlist (as in, you can't have the same world in multiple playlists)



  • The SDK will now warn you when you are exceeding counts of various component types on avatars. This includes material counts, Dynamic Bone Affected Transforms, Dynamic Bone colliders, Skinned Meshes, and etc. We also provide links to our Avatar Optimizing Tips documentation to help users optimize their avatars. These warnings are non-blocking for now-- in the future, this will change
  • The SDK will tell you what Performance Rank your avatar is so you can see before you upload.


  • The SDK now permits avatars to have up to 70,000 polygons/triangles. Going above 70,000 polygons/triangles will prevent you from uploading your avatar


  • The SDK has been informed that we've upgraded to 2017.4.15f1 and will no longer whine that it wants to go back to 5.6