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VRC_Panorama is used to view Panoramas in VRChat. There is an example prefab of VRCPanorama in the VRCSDK in the Prefabs folder.


Requires Additional Component

This component requires the presence of the VRC_DataStorage component in order to work properly.

The VRC_DataStorage component should contain the following values in order for the VRC_Panorama to work properly:

The display variable determines which Panorama to display.

Component Parameters




The renderer on which the image is displayed. The VRC_Panorama should be on the same GameObject as the renderer!!!


An array of Panoramas used. Use Size to define the size of the array.

Panorama setting



If you want to load the Panorama from a URL, you can point to an image URL here. The image will only load on world load, so it shouldn't change often.


If you'd like to pack the image texture into the world, put the texture here. You should only use either URL or Texture, NOT both!

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