This component is deprecated. It is not available in the latest VRChat SDK, and is either non-functional, or will no longer receive updates. It may be removed at a later date.

Note: VRChat SDK3 contains a prefab called "UdonSyncPlayer" that performs far better and is up to date!

In addition, you can write your own sync methods, permitting for complex, durable behavior when syncing videos between users. Check out Udon Video Sync Player for more info.

Sync Video Player has various features, including:

  • Allows a Video Player to be synced with others in the instance
  • Allows playlists
  • Accepts YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion URLs


VRChat on Oculus Quest Incompatibility

This component does not work on VRChat on Oculus Quest. If you place this component in a cross-platform world, it will cause errors while it attempts to sync to the PC users in the room and cause the world to misbehave. Remove it from the Quest version.


Video CountHow many videos are in the playlist
SourceThe source of a video.
Url - The source is a URL (This can be a redirect link if you want to change it without having to reupload)
Video Clip - The source is a video clip in the unity project
URL (Appears if it is the selected source)Where you set the url for the video
Video Clip (Appears if it is the selected source)The video clip you want to set for the video
Aspect RatioThe aspect ratio the video should adjusted to.
No Scaling
Fit Vertically
Fit Horizontally
Fit Inside
Fit Outside
Playback SpeedHow fast the playback of the video(s) should be

RPC's are available via the SendRPC action

RPCValid TargetsDescription
PlayOwnerPlays the video player
PlayIndexOwnerPlays the video at the given index of the playlist (starts from 0)
PauseOwnerPauses the video player
StopOwnerStops the video player
PreviousOwnerChanges the playing video to the previous video in the playlist
NextOwnerChanges the playing video to the next video in the playlist
Shuffle (Currently does nothing)OwnerShuffles the playlist
ClearOwnerClears the playlist
AddURLOwnerAdds a URL to the playlist (see note)
SpeedUpOwnerSpeeds the video up by 0.1x
SpeedDownOwnerSlow the video down by 0.1x



Adding a URL will only work if a video clip is not present in the playlist. Trying to immediately play the video after adding a URL will likely not work, because the video takes time to load. Induce a delay either via a StateMachine or by using a second button press to allow some time for the URL to resolve and the video to load.


Community-Created Resource

Community Member Owlboy has created a guide on how to use some of the more advanced features of VRC_SyncVideoPlayer, available here. Please note that the website may change at any time (as the guide is not maintained by VRChat), and that many of these features are experimental and may change in the future.