This component is deprecated. It is not available in the latest VRChat SDK, and is either non-functional, or will no longer receive updates. It may be removed at a later date.

Note: VRChat SDK3 contains a component called "AVPro Video Screen", but it is different from this component. Use the Udon Video Players instead.


Component Dependency

This component requires another component in the scene to work properly.

For use with VRC_SyncVideoStream.

This component is placed on the MeshRenderer of an object that will display the screen. You may have more than one VideoScreen connected to a SyncVideoStream. The material index and texture property are indicated and the texture will be overridden by the playing video. If a texture is provided, it will be used as the "default" screen when nothing is playing.

The video render path is done in linear space so Gamma correction must be applied in the shader. An example shader is provided that can do this, available under Video/EmissiveGamma. Currently, the video is stretched to fill the extents of the UV space, so a mesh that is not the same aspect will be distorted. This may be mitigated in the future by updating the Gamma shader to handle aspect scaling.

Most streams are broadcast in 16:9 aspect ratio, so we recommend using those dimensions as a standard. Utilizing multiple screens enabled and disabled with Triggers will allow you to switch to 16:10, 4:3, or other aspect ratios if necessary.