This feature or component is deprecated and you should not use it.

It is not available in the latest VRChat SDK, and is either non-functional, or will no longer receive updates. It will be removed at a later date.

Triggers and Actions have been replaced by VRChat Udon, a powerful, easy to use scripting system that enables creation of both simple behaviors and complex interactions in VRChat worlds.

Adds health to the target gameobject(s).

For non-players, add VRC_DestructibleStandard to the target GameObject, and add the target GameObject to the Target GameObject parameter.

For players, add a VRC_CombatSystem to your scene and leave the Target GameObject parameter empty.

ReceiversList of VRC_DestructibleStandard gameobjects to apply health to. To apply health to the triggering player, leave receiver empty.
HealthThe health to be added