This feature or component is deprecated and you should not use it.

It is not available in the latest VRChat SDK, and is either non-functional, or will no longer receive updates. It will be removed at a later date.

Triggers and Actions have been replaced by VRChat Udon, a powerful, easy to use scripting system that enables creation of both simple behaviors and complex interactions in VRChat worlds.

OnEnterTrigger is used to activate the VRC_Trigger if two colliders start interacting with each other in instances where one or both of the colliders have the "Trigger" checkbox selected.


The VRC_Trigger needs to be on the same GameObject as the collider you want to detect interaction with.

If neither of the colliders that you want to detect interaction between have "Trigger" checked on them, use OnEnterCollider instead.

For more information about collision and trigger events, Unity has great documentation on when Collider(Collision) happens and when Trigger happens here


Many other trigger events, such as OnInteract, will be unreliable if placed inside of a trigger collider, due to disruption in raycasting. Items like buttons should be placed outside of a trigger collider in order to work properly.

Trigger IndividualsShould be selected if the trigger should be fired for every new object that enters the collider.

Should be deselected if the trigger should only fire if there is no triggering object inside the collider.
LayersThe layer(s) that should activate this trigger when they interact with the collider on the same Game Object that the VRC_Trigger is on